Solomon Park

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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

Name: Solomon Park

Notable Traits: Solomon speaks in a calm calculating manner. Eerie Presence: Discolored brown eyes, smells of lavender, cool/cold feeling when near him

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue

Lineage: House of the Black Lotus

Acknowledged within the Camarilla

  • Favored of Elder Prince Cyneward the Mercian
  • Favored of Elder Lord Judas
  • Gallant by Elder Prince Sebastos Paleologos
  • Honorable by Elder Prince Cassius Anothony
  • Courteous by Elder Purissimma Giess

(8th) (7th) (6th) Child of Julia Antasia Child of Tinia Child of Ventrue


Mortal Background Pending Approval

Solomon Park was born in 1518 during the Unitary dynastic period. Solomon's family died during a raid by Chinese warriors when he was a baby. He was then taken and raised in a Shaolin Monastery until the age of 20. He left the temple to go on to start a merchant caravan, where he would trade, and to see the world.

Vampiric Timeline

  • [1538] Rome, Italy: Solomon Park was Embraced by (pending 8th gen)
  • [1540] Rome, Italy: Solomon Park and Dragée Sauvage meets to further his training.
  • [1588] (pending location released from accounting)
  • [1665] (pending location embraces first cilder)
  • [1715] (pending location releases childer from accounting)
  • [1848] San Francisco California : Solomon Park moves to California during the Gold Rush
  • [2018] Savannah, Georgia: Solomon Park Moves to Savannah Ga.

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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  • Solomon Park may have learned from Shaolin Monks, during his stay at their monastery.


  • "This shall prove profitable."
  • "Mr Park amuses me. He is a real delight to watch when he's properly motivated." - Clyde Hudson
  • "Part of being an Ancilla of the Camarilla is knowing the difference between what you have, what you don't have, and what you'll never have. The next part is coming to terms with that. Or maybe for Ventrue, it's all about talking your rivals' ears off-- it seems to get this guy somewhere, anyway." - Mara Nordahl

Commonly Known Associates amongst Kindred Society

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OOC Information

Player: Eric Causeway

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Storyteller: Jimmy Lindsey

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Location: Savannah, GA