Song of Rescue and Rebirth

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[written in Norwegian & English]

Edda of Valka

Song of Rescue and Rebirth

At last, the call for which we longed!
Fenris’s Rage, Blood of Valka One-Eye,
Our Jarl of jarls, long-lost,
Howled and brought the brave together.

Honor, glory, and wisdom belong to these souls:
Fenris's Rage, quest-caller and fated scion;
Arbiter of Malice, Elder half-moon of our tribe;
Stands-Alone-in-Darkness, inveterate judge;
Blood-Reaver, unyielding guardian;
Speaks-to-the-Wind, young yet wise;
Brandrjlot, fearless and feared;
And I, a skald with black heart and red fingers.
Praise also to Cold War, silver-master and mystic;
And Smooth Operator, brash city-child,
Who came to the aid of their cousins
Though not born to our tribe’s ways.
May Valhalla’s doors open to them
When their time has come!
In the Black Forest, at the Blood Fist,

The oracle spilled our leader’s blood,
That same life-spring of Valka One-Eye,
Our Jarl of jarls, long lost;
And in the crimson wetness pooled
Beheld a vision in ironwood runes:
Of secrets and hidden things;
The path to Home and our History;
The necessity and nobility of sacrifice;
The mysteries of water and rebirth;
The iron ire of Thunder.
Then, Annika, our kin, with drum and breath
Called upon the Norns themselves,
The fate-weavers and life-shearers,
Who put the cruel storm to our backs.
Through wind and rain we companions toiled,

Until the winding moon-paths did ascend
Into mountains shrouded in snow and mist.
Upon their summit we then beheld
That which all Fenrir hearts know most deeply:
The Homeland of our tribe, fierce and free,
With fjords of stark beauty,
And lakes of crystalline majesty,
Where mammoths and dire wolves roam
In endless wintry history.
My words fail me, friends,
For no bard’s tongue is fit to describe
The heart’s exhilaration in this sacred land,
Where the air itself crackles with the power of mighty Fenris!
Through tears of wonder we descended,

Coming at last to an ancestral village,
Well-met by those who tarried there,
Who gave us the mighty longship Alsviðr,
Swift and horse-headed.
Time flows strangely on those sapphire seas,
And for days we sailed, or so it seemed,
Until we spied our evil foes:
The Unworthy, former Fenrir who serve the Wyrm,
Who now held the Jarl-Hammer of the one we sought.
With great fury, we leapt from the bow of Alsviðr,
And tore into their corrupt flesh with fury and fervor,
The bloodlust that is born into our very bones!
Like waves we crashed down upon them,
With fang and claw, blade and hammer,
Fire and lightning until none were left standing
And the white snow was streaked with gore.
With the Jarl-Hammer reclaimed,

The Norns did appear in black, white, and red,
With blind milky eyes beholding past, present, and future.
With but a gesture they opened the earth,
And bade us to follow a thin red thread
Down, down to the Well of Urdr,
The still waters of Urðarbrunnr,
Which nourish the knotted roots of Yggdrasil.
In that subterranean place of eternal spring and endless dusk,
Phoenix revealed herself to us in her shining splendor,
A powerful omen of hope and renewal.
The Norns’ thread brought us to a lake

As still and smooth as a mirror:
The watery tomb of Valka One-Eye,
Our Jarl of jarls, long-lost,
Who slept just beneath the surface,
Her body whole, her weary soul at peace.
But it is not the doom of the Fenrir to know peace,
To take respite when there are battles to win.
Fenris’s Rage, fated shears in hand,
Cut her thread as he cut short her rest.
Smooth Operator, risking the Norns’ wrath,
Seized the shears to wake other slumbering soldiers
That they might die a warrior’s death.
Valka stood to face her son,

Her skin once again rent with scars,
Her shoulders burdened but unbowed,
Her face, now eyeless, hard as stone.
The horn of the old gods sounded thrice,
Resonating across worlds:
“A wind time, a wolf time, ere the world falls.”
At the icy shore sleek Alsviðr waited,
To sail us swiftly to the Blood Fist,
And welcome home our Jarl of jarls,
Found at last, lost no longer.
Let none challenge the courage of those I have named,

Who traveled so far to face otherworldly perils;
Let none doubt the honor of those who stood firm,
Whose loyalty to the tribe is now known to all;
Let none question the wisdom of our seers,
Who guided our steps and shared the spirits’ blessings to aid our quest.
Love them as family and treat them as heroes,
Celebrate their valor and aspire to follow their lead,
Praise their names until all tongues have been stilled,
For bravery be the light that brings us through the coming dark.

~ Rødefingre
Galliard of the Get of Fenris


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