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Jameson Elm, known to the Nation as "Song of the Fury Road" (or "Roadsong" for short), is a traveler at heart and a reluctant mentor figure by nature. The Adren Bone Gnawer has been known to turn up just where he is most needed, driving his electric fetish-truck, Rocinante, and dragging whomever he could carry with him out of danger — or into it.

He's older than he once was — and isn't that just the way of things? — but even with gray in his homid hair and a few extra pounds on him, he's ready to tell the stories of the younger generation, fight for Gaia... and die historic when his time comes.

He's packless, mainly due to his travels, but gladly shares a campfire with any son or daughter of Gaia. He guesses he's technically part of the Concordat of Stars now, but that all seems a bit silly to him, if truth be told.

Finnish Spitz 600.jpgRoadsong in his lupus form.
Don't make him bite your ankles.

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  • Before electric cars were a thing, Roadsong was using biodiesel (before it was cool).
  • May or may not have fought in the Vietnam conflict.
  • Younger than dirt, but older than you.

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  • "Pup, I had this name three years before the first Mad Max, much less the latest... Yeah, I saw it and I love it. Shut up." -- Roadsong
  • "Had a long haul cross country with him. Great driver. Not too bad in a fight either. Damn Vampires ruin everything, even good road trips." -- Solan "Blockbuster" Murphy
  • "The Bone Gnawers are a step above the Glass Walkers because they will do the impossible with what they have on hand. This also makes them eager to try to do the impossible with what they can. Roadsong would rather tell you how impressive the path you're traveling is than the journey you're making." -- Duskcaller

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Player: Steve M., US2002126981; Email
Direct ST: Conor S., US2007080396