Sons of Carthage

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The Sons of Carthage are an Anarch Gang located primarily in the South Western United States. They are primarily a Motorcyle gang with some of it's members specializing in making bikes or other skills. Like with most Anarch Gangs they are a tight knit group. All members receive a cut to wear with the name of the club on the back. This group is known for being somewhat raucous and often solves problems internally with a brawl that ends all grudges. What's done is done. The name of the Gang may seem unusual given there aren't many Brujah. But the founder, Buzzard, is Brujah and the rest think it's funny.

Those interested in joining the Sons should contact Dahlia for information on how to join either a current chapter or a new one.


About the Sons

"Buzzard and the Sons came along at the right time for me. A place to belong and to get rid of aggression." ~Dahlia

From the Sons

"I swear to fucking God...I will kick the shit out of you if you don't stop." ~Dahlia


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Sons of Carthage

Contact: Lorena Silva
Sect: Anarch Movement
Position: President
Domain: Several
Player: Nicole Ortiz US2005085948