Soothes the Burn

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Storyteller Notes: NPC Ancestor Spirit on the Light's Keep VSS.

General Information

Name: Akechi Kaito, MD
Deed Name: Light's Hope (Posthumous)
Previous Deed Names: Kanashimi no Zōjiki, Soothes the Burn
Rank: Koryo
Tribe: Kitsune
Breed: Roko
Auspice: Doshi
Camp: The Wheel
Pack: Spirit Sentai (Alpha)
Sept: The Last Bastion of Light's Keep
Position: Master of the Rites

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Soothestail.png Plucked out his right eye to offer it in exchange for knowledge and wisdom.
Soothestail.png Apparently pulling out your own eye is not a wise move.
Soothestail.png His eye was actually cut out after he stared too long into the deep abyss.
Soothestail.png Once upon a time he had hair of brilliant silver and flame-red highlights. But now his hair is inky-black to match the stains on his fingers.
Soothestail.png A Nuwisha convinced him that he could exchange his eye for an extra tail.
Soothestail.png His eye was the price he had to pay in order for Yujin to bond to him. He paid it gladly.
Soothestail.png Some say his hair matches his stained fingers because of the larger amount of corrupt knowledge he has learned.
Soothestail.png Others say he just preens himself too much.
Soothestail.png Add your own.


Soothestail.png "I mean I guess he's nice. Why is everyone being weird?" - Lydia Ambrosia
Soothestail.png "Adventure and kindness and fun wrapped up in a bundle of fur and tied together with awesome tails. My world became more the day he stepped into it." - Chula
Soothestail.png "...I really still don't see the problem with just stealing shit..." - Inara
Soothestail.png "God damn fox and his stupid tails and stupid spirits.... " - Erin Murray
Soothestail.png Add your own.

Friends, allies, and others

Many Tails - Basic Timeline:

  • 13th July 1736: Born in the wilderness around Kotohira, Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku Island, Japan
  • 20th June 1737: First Change
  • Early 1800s: Took out a Wyrm nest with Māmā bīng, earning him the rank of Kiko, his second tail, and the Deed name of Kanashimi no Zōjiki.
  • Post-Wyrm nest: Loses his right eye in circumstances he has never revealed to anyone. If people ask, he always gives a different answer.
  • 18th May 1887: Is in Kyoto, Japan to witness the birth of Aiya Kodachi, tasks himself with watching over her as a guide, especially 10 years later when she experiences the First Change. This offer of guidance earns him his third tail.
  • 12th October 1968: As part of his Adren challenge, uncovered a plot by a group of banes trying destroy or corrupt the large quantities of student protests. Completing this challenge earned him his fourth tail.
  • 2nd July 2009: Left Japan
  • Late 2016: Arrived at Matagorda Island
  • Late 2018: Assumes the position of Master of the Rite unopposed.
  • April 2019: Completes the Rite to cleanse the local Broken Land, but dies in the process.


Gender: Male [He/His/Him]
Notable traits: Missing his right eye, emits an aura of peace and tranquility around him (Soothing Presence), his fingers are permanently stained black as if dunked in ink. On Crescent moons, he gets the red markings on his face typically found on Japanese Kibuki masks depicting Kitsune. (Sign of the Wolf)
Apparent Age: 19
Actual Age: 282
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Long, inky-black and straight
Eyes: Emerald-green, right eye missing
Build: Athletic
Sambuhenge Form: A larger and slightly more muscular version of his standard form, though with a more vulpine appearance that enhances his natural looks. His four tails are on display in their silver and red glory, and a pair of fox ears sit upon his head.
Koto Form: A massive and powerful were-fox retaining the grey and red colour mix of his fur, and yet even in this form he exudes that same calming aura. The single emerald eye he has remaining almost shines in this form.
Juko Form: A wolf-sized version of his Kyubi form, only with four tails instead of just the one.
Kyubi Form: An average-sized grey fox with patches of red fur around the sides of his face and neck.



Yujin, a spirit of a mischief is often seen around Soothes the Burn.


  • Papa Roach - Nights of Love
  • Lunatica - Song for You
  • Halestorm - Break In
  • The Letter Black - Best of Me
  • Sonata Arctica - The Wind Beneath My Wings
  • Papa Roach - Love Me Til It Hurts
  • Thousand Foot Krutch - Light Up the Sky
  • Nickleback - Next Contestant
  • Jonathan Young - Strike Back (English Cover)
  • Billy Boyd - The Last Goodbye
  • Nine Inch Nails - Hurt
  • Fall Out Boy - Immortals
  • Miracle of Sound - Hitoshio
  • Post-Modern Jukebox - Who Wants To Live Forever?
  • Flyleaf - All Around Me
  • Linkin Park - Castle of Glass
  • Distant Worlds - To Zanarkand
  • Disturbed - A Reason to Fight
  • Disturbed - Save Our Last Goodbye
  • Apocalyptica - Bittersweet
  • Leo Moracchioli - Black Hole Sun
  • Dir En Grey - Lotus
  • Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

OOC Information

Player Name: Drakka
Player Email: Here (Character Dead, please direct all correspondence to the ST.)
Storyteller: Elexeia R.
Coordinator: Josie R

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