Sophie Obertus

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Commonly Known Information

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Name: Sophie Obertus

Notable Traits:

Status: None as she is only a Revenant



She grew up part of Tzimisce breed Revenant family unit in France. Learning the ways and skills an Obertus should if she were to stand a chance to survive closer working ties with the Sabbat. Some of her Family unit was relocated to Martinique and she was sent to be with them. Setting up a haven and business to be useful to the local Sabbat.

Homes & Havens

  • 1945 to 1995: The Family home in France if you ever came to visit for the skills they offered, Research, book restoration, or a few nights haven as you passed on by. (Ties welcome)
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Known Timeline



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  • Rumor


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OOC Information

Sophie Obertus

Clan: Tzimisce Revenant
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: number code here Martinique
Player: E-mail Michael
VST: Adam Smith & Staff List