Sorrow's Heart

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Wisdom's Guardian, formerly Sorrow's Heart

Notable Traits:

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Fostern

Tribe: Children of Gaia

Pack: Tempts Fate


Sept: Sept of Buffalograss


Lupus form: Coywolf: Canis latrans var: Having both traits of wolf and coyote in him, Heart of Sorrows’s body is longer than a normal wolf’s with longer legs and a bushier tail. His soft, tawny brown fur has specs of darker brown along his flanks and back.


Homid Form: Standing at average height, Heart of Sorrows, is lanky with dark brow hair and deep brown eyes. He looks incredibly young and innocent and often has a soft, but fragile smile on his face.



2005 - Born

2006 -

2007 - Winter - First Changes when hunters kill his sister, Skysinger. Meets Duskcaller (played by Patrick Colford), who teaches him what it means to be a Garou and warrior for Gaia.

2008 - Spring: Undergoes Rite of Passage; given by Frost on Branch (played by Harley Cox).Gains Deed Name: Wisdom’s Guardian

2009 -

2010 - Fostern Challenge:

2011 - Joins a pack with Cry to Heaven

2012 - Adren Challenge. Becomes Den Father.

2013 - Branded: Dishonorable. His Sept is attacked by Wyrm forces. Snowpaw enacts an elaborate and deadly trap that not only kills Black Spiral Dancers, but kills the cubs he was trying to protect. He is Branded during a Punishment Rite that strips him of being Adren. Joins into a Spirit Pack with Unicorn to try and control his dangerous side. Feels profound loss and Sorrow for the deaths of the cubs taking the name Sorrow’s Heart.

Hearing rumors of the murder of several cubs by their Den Father, Parker Rhys James sought out the Garou responsible. He found Sorrow’s Heart deep in the wilderness, having been banished with by his Sept. Struggling with what he had done and kept from the edge of Harano by his pack mate, Cry to Heaven, the only pack member to stay by the lupus’s side. Rhys sat and talked with Sorrow’s Heart, whose words were weighed down by the pain that he was feeling. Listening to Rhys, Srrow’s Heart agreed that he had to repent for what he had done, it was the only way he could make the cubs’ deaths mean something.

2014 -

2015 - Found by Walks a Mile (played by Jon Felber), a distant relative, and is brought to Manhattan, Kansas to help keep his Ancestor under control.

2016 -

2017 -

2018 - Sorrow's Heart has his Brand removed by the Leader of the Children of Gaia


  • It is said that Uktena has gifted him with his old deed name, Wisdom's Guardian.
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Words of the Wise

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Tales of Sorrow

  • "He is honest and true to the softness of his heart. Many do not possess the quality of mournin' for that which is not theirs, in a traditional sense. Or mournin' for what even is. The Nation could learn from that."- Tamsin Brown
  • "A quiet joy is just as valid as a boisterous joy. Happiness is a powerful thing and it holds back the darkness. Doing The Wave at wedding in the center of hell? If we can all stand together in joy against the darkness, it is my hope that it matters to someone. Even if that someone is just us." - Smooth Operator
  • Quote about Sorrow here.

OOC Information

Player: Christopher Beck

Storyteller: MHK Apoc Storyteller

Location: Manhattan, KS

Images are of Model/Actor Cody Christian, not the player.