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This page is for the SC region's Changeling: the Dreaming continuity.
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New Player Outreach

Interested in getting started in a South Central game? Don't know where your closest venue or game would be? Please feel free to contact Kat Marvel - the regional staff member in charge of the Changeling story for the south central region - on how to get started!

Regional Style Sheet and Information

South Central Regional Timeline and Historical Events


  • Return of Sidhe
  • House Gwydion claims Burning Sun
  • House Beaumayn inhabits lands in the Middle East, claiming no kingdom


  • Iranian Revolution
  • Beaumayn flees to US


  • Vashti “Excellence” is born, daughter of the exiled Iranian royal family, in Odessa, TX


  • Battle of Samhain
  • High King David falls
  • House Gwydion of Burning Sun is wiped out


  • Shahbanu Vashti ascends the throne of Burning Sun on her 17th birthday, one year after her Chrysalis


  • Queen Vashti's parents invite Changelings across the country to celebrate the engagement of their daughter to Duchess Fatima of House Beaumayn, a noble Sidhe from Iran. At the party, a shockingly well organized army of Thallain descend on the gardens intent on assassinating the Queen. Duchess Fatima sacrifices herself to save her fiancee, causing the realm to descend into 40 days of mourning.

Kingdom of the Burning Sun Baronies and Counties

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This page is for the Changeling: The Dreaming continuity in the SC Region and is maintained by the aRST Changeling Kat Marvel. If there are any errors, questions or concerns, please shoot me an email.