Spandex McQueen

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Commonly Known Information

Spandex 1.png

Name: Captain Spandex McQueen

Notable Traits: Obnoxious accent, always has a flask of something alcoholic and tasty on her

Type: Changeling

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Artist

Union: Conservator's Union


Spandex stands about 5'9" with her ass-whoopin' boots on, and she sticks to cargo pants/BDUs with lots of pockets and simple shirts. She has technicolor hair and wears bright, garish makeup when the occasion calls for it.

For those who can see past the Mask, Spandex is... a humanoid assemblage of glass bottles filled with brightly-colored liquids. Her torso and hips are a copper-looking pot belly and onion head, like a fancy whiskey still.

Ship and Crew

Crew of the Goode Ship Sassyphus

Captain Spandex McQueen
Pilot WTF
Chef "Z"
Engineer AJ


Spandex 2.jpg
  • Spandex's escape from her Keeper involved her stumbling into... and out of... the Hedge while stupefyingly drunk.
  • Champion Bartender at the Grand Exchange 4118.
  • Willing to destroy anything associated with the Thurisaz without a second thought, regardless of anything useful that could be garnered by keeping it intact.
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  • "My heart goes out to Captain McQueen, I mean, have you met her crew?" Doctor Jaana Adair
  • " What are you talking about, I LOVE the Sassyphus. I'm pretty sure her crew helped pay for my last vacation..." Doctor Jaana Adair
  • "'Dex is my family. No question about it. Heavens forbid someone comes between me and mine." - Vida Dolce
  • "One of the good ones. Good brewer, good sense. I know who to tap on the shoulder when missions go sideways." - Evander Katharos
  • "I swear, one minute I was trying to convince Jaana to stop drinking and come with me...the next thing I knew was the rush of air and the floor being the wrong direction; felt like I was falling sideways for a second there. Something about being a buzzkill and get the hell out...not sure. I was pretty out of it. The dreams in between were sweet, though...." - Vahishtael
  • "Makes the best cocktails in the Verse. Prove me wrong." - Magnus
  • Spandex always makes sure that to make sure that her bar is fully stocked, and waits untill payday to collect on tabs. She’s a literal saint. “ - Persy
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OOC Information

Player: Renee Ritchie
Player Email:
Storyteller: Roo Wetzel
Storyteller Email:
Location: Domain of Myst, CA