Speaks the Serpent's Tongue

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Homid Uktena Galliard Talesinger

Speaks the Serpent's Tongue



Homid Name: Morgan Sylvain
Deed Names:

  • "Speaks the Serpent's Tongue", Adren


  • Talesinger, Sept of the Eastern Skies

Physical Descriptions:

  • Homid: An older man with greying hair. Morgan has blue eyes and some of his original brown hair is still visible. He often wears a black cloak with Tribal Symbols on it. On his belt rests a pistol.
  • Lupus: Much like his homid form, the wolf has a greyish color to it with white around the muzzle.
  • Crinos: A towering hulk of grey fur, his build is more lithe and quick than muscular. He rarely assumes this form though, preferring Glabro form for fighting.

Other Notes:

  • A Bitten werewolf. He has not said who bit him.
  • He appears to be Caucasian, odd for an Uktena.
  • Member of the Redeemers of the Bitter Frost Camp.
  • By this point, its obvious he is aging far more rapidly than he should.

Current Age: 25 Apparent Age: 62


  • Pack Totem: Weasel
  • Cracks the Moon - Lupus, Silent Strider, Theurge, Athro. Master of the Challenge of the Sept of Eastern Skies
  • Buddy - Lupus, Bone Gnawer, Philodox, Fostern. Truthcatcher of the Sept of Eastern Skies.
  • Helix - Metis, Glass Walker, Ragabash, Fostern. Fool of the Sept of Eastern Skies.
  • Eileen Oliver - Homid, Black Fury, Ahroun, Fostern, Den Parent of the Sept of Eastern Skies

Basic Timeline

  • 1992 - Morgan is born in Conneticut.
  • 2010 - Morgan goes to University in Boston MA with the expressed goals of becoming a teacher.
  • 2014 - Morgan and good friend of his are both Bitten, though neither has any memory of it. The Friend dies from the Bite while Morgan Survives.
  • 2014 - July (Historical Game), Speaks the Serpent's Tongue participates in finding the future Caern center as well as the Rite of Caern Making for the formation of the Sept of the Eastern Skies. At this time, he is elected Den Parent for the Sept.
  • 2014 - Fall - The Battle of Siamese Ponds - Speak's the Serpent's Tongue provides battlefield support, listening to the enemy and sniping key targets.
  • 2017 - October - Success fully challenges Chases Tails for the position of Talesinger

Quotes and Rumors

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  • Based on temperament, its likely he was a Kinfolk, not a Lost Cub before the Bite.

Out of Character

Format inspired by Michael Kingsley

Player: Aaron VD

Player Email: aaron.vandessel@gmail.com

Storyteller: Dan C

Storyteller Email: boston.apoc.vst@gmail.com

Location: Boston, MA