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"Our job is not to escape the afterlife, but to make sure its crowded when we get there"


Spectre is a walking weapon for hire. He works for anyone willing to pay and has a soft spot for other Synthetics. Little to nothing is known about his past or his real name and for the most part his face is covered by a beat up skull mask which has seen to many battles. He is not shy about looking for work and has taken charters with the New Dawn and Mercenary Union.

Update: Spectre has recently completed a contract that has secured him financial freedom. Since then he has left the Mercenary Union and has joined the Explorers Union. While he still works with the New Dawn, he now spends time exploring the Aurelian System.

Services Provided

Skills and Qualities

If you need a job done then look no further. I am a highly skilled professional who can get any mission accomplished. My prices are reasonable and I never reveal the details of a job or my patron to anyone not vital to the missions success. Here is a list of my skills and services, if you don't know what something is then you obviously don't need me for that job.
  • Piolet Skills ~ Proficient in space and land vehicles and rigs.
  • Combat Styles ~ Close range, Long Range, ODST Certified, Martial Arts, ZGSC Certified
  • Weapon Proficiencies ~ Rifles, Small Arms, Melee, Crew Served, Demolitions, Non Lethal Devices
  • Recon ~ Trained in stealth, survival, observation techniques, and adaptable to any environment
  • Search and Rescue ~ Tracking, defending and medical training all com in handy in saving lives.
  • Corporate Espionage ~ Moving in and out of corporation facilities employs a great deal of skills from blending in, hacking, security procedures, stealth, architectural studies, as well as engineering.
  • Bug Hunts ~ Proficient in killing alien species in multiple solar systems. Understanding animal behavior, microbiology, astrobiology and atmospheric composition all are deployed on these missions.
  • Protection ~ Trained in counter intelligence, surveillance, armor related gear, and willing to take a fucking bullet for my ward.

Time Line

Synth Life

4077 - Designed by some unnamed Mega Corp
4114 - The name Spectre first pops up on the grid.
4115 - Spectre gains an infamy for destroying a Quantum Industries facility on Hadrian space station.
4117 - Links up with the crew from the New Dawn.
Present - Currently operates out of the Aurelian System under the charter company the New Dawn.


Rumors, lies and half truths

* Spectre can take down a whole instillation in 30 seconds.
* He hates Aliens!
* He's a run away from a MegaCorp
* Spectre has never failed a job
* It's said that he freelances outside of the New Dawn Charter.
* There's a bounty on his head for 5000.00 Cred.
* He drinks the blood of his victims, and may have connections to Vampires.
* Once he flew a ship cross systems through a meteor belt just to track down a target.
* His rifle is a tech 5 pulse rifle. Its said to put a hole in the side of a ship.
* He was built for the Silent War.
* The name Spectre came from a cloaking effect he uses when in combat.
* Very polite during and outside of combat.


God of Waarr - Dirty Wormz

Break - Three Days Grace

Character Inspirations

These are characters and media which are inspirations for the character.

* Locke - Halo 5
* Todd - "Soldier" 1998
* ODST, Destiny, Altered Carbon, Martix and Shadowrun

New Dawn.png



Code Name: Spectre
Real Name Unknown
Type: Synthetic
Union: Explorer
Charter: New Dawn
System: Aurelian - Sector 8

OOC Information

Player: Johny Browne
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Jonathan Nunley
Contact: San Diego Space VST

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