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Spectrum 1.PNG


Name: Spectrum

Supernatural Type: Changeling

Union: Mercenary's

Chartered Company: Utopia Explorations

Notable Traits:

Deliberately Inhuman Mask;
-Blonde and pink hair that glows vibrantly
-Glowing green eyes, pink and gold toned skin, patterned in places with hot pink markings

Darkling Bright One Mien
-impossibly deep darkness
-glaring neon lights
-blurred, unclear edges to her person
-Advanced cybernetic arm
-Never seen without weapons on her person (usually a light sword and/or two filament whips)
-Member of Utopia Explorations
-Copilot of the Yesterday's Shadow


  • "...Livewire." Bones
  • "Be careful. Always listen to her, but only do what she asks with care. Especially when she has a weapon pointed at you." Aiden
  • "God damn she makes me feel younger." -Dumuzi
  • "Ya gotta admire how somethin' so small can be so violent." Alistair Whitemane
  • "Quote" Visible Name


  • She has a necklace that's actually a Mage's Soulstone.
  • If she's playing with it, it's no longer yours. At least until she puts it back. If she remembers to.
  • ...And that can include you.
  • Insert your own rumor

OOC Information

Player: Caitlin Reynolds

Player Email: Jazzy.dreams.at.dusk@gmail.com

Storyteller: Kyle B.

Storyteller Email: SC.Austin.Space@gmail.com

Location: Austin, TX


  • Chiana
  • Deliah Blue (style)