Spencer Riley

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Name: Spencer Riley

Notable Traits: Androgynous, blue hair/grey fur with blue streaks

Auspice: Ithauer

Tribe: Hunter in Darkness

Union: Merchant Union

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Eyes: Ocean Blue
Hair: Short and blue
Build: Very string bean, tall but skinny
Eyebrows: Blue
Piercings: Gauged ears to a 0 Gauge, pierced right nostril, pierced septum, pierced nipples
Tattoos: Explained further down


Eyes: Ice blue
Fur: Dark grey with streaks of blue throughout
Piercings: 0 gauge ears, no plugs just holes
Build: Muscular, but not overly-so

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Born in 4085, worked on parents farm. Never married, area parents farm was on started dying and they were itching to explore the vast universe. They put out a call looking to join a crew. In 4100 they went through their first change and knew finally they were meant for greater things. Started working on one of Magnus' ship gardening and feeding the crew. They even dated from 4105-4108 stating that she wanted to try a monogamous relationship.

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  • Was born with both girl and boy parts.
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  • "Are you a boy or a girl?"-Person. "Yes."-Them
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Player: Brigitte (Dallas) Ames

Story Teller:


Location: Crawfordsville, IN