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Commonly Known Information

Name: Spencer Wallace

Notable Traits: Spencer tends to be all smiles and geniality when speaking to most anyone. Though, when his people are threatened, he will turn on a dime and remind folks why he was elected as the representative of the local movement with lion-like gusto.

He tends to eschew titles, preferring to call people by their name, as he prefers to be called by his.

He’s known locally as an Acting Teacher (Fame 1).

He is constantly followed by a swarm of Monarch Butterflies. (Pied Piper)

Society: Anarch Movement

Title: Advocate

Clan: Toreador


Spencer won't ever tell you how old he really is. Though with enough digging folks will find out that he's been in Los Angeles since the Early 1900s. During the second revolt, he ran with a group by that went by "The 27s" all of whom were killed during one of the battles against the local Tremere.

Since the formation of the Anarch Free State, he's done his best to make sure his people are well taken care of and protected.


  • "Oh Spencer? Perfectly delightful gent. Don't know what I'd do without him. He knows just how to make his point with eloquence. Have you met Rebecca?" - Maxine Chambers
  • "Spence is a mate." "What?! Thats not GOOD enough for you?!" - Buzzard
  • "I rather enjoy my chats with Mr. Wall--excuse me, Spencer. He is genteel, urbane, and a delight to spend your evening with." - Prince Rikard Bouwman


  • Spencer named his Golden Bat after his former love.
  • He likes people to think he's weaker than he actually is.
  • The day he wears a tie is the day the movement falls.
  • He has no family to speak of.
  • He has very close ties to the Sons of Carthage, most notably with their leader Buzzard.
  • His love for movies is so intense, if something isn't dramatically appropriate, he won't do it.
  • He is a Ventrue.
  • He brought the matches.
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Photo courtesy of JT King

OOC Information

Player: Dave Dukellis
Player Email: dukellislist@gmail.com
Storyteller: Christopher Rooney
Storyteller Email: camanarchstinla@gmail.com

Location: Los Angeles, CA