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"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud" -Maya Angelou

:Who Am I?

Name: Iris Rene
Deeded: Prism's Laughter
Notable Traits: Rainbow streaks in her hair. Usually laughing
Society: Nuwisha
Home: Tampa, Fl
Refuses to settle down to one place

:Everything 'Bout a Coyote

Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 20
Height: 5' 4"
Hair: Dyed Rainbow
Eyes: Blue
Travelling about freely, this Nuwisha prefers a backpack and a motorcycle to staying still. She likes more freedom than is often given to those of her rank. She will often run lose without seeking permission of anyone who remotely looks like leadership.

:What's in the Past

Crystalmarker.png 10/15/1994: Born to Serinity and Philip Rene.
Crystalmarker.png 11/26/2016: Shifted to a Coyote while on the road.
Crystalmarker.png August 2017: Left the sept that found her.
Crystalmarker.png September 2017: Came to Wales
Crystalmarker.png October 2017: Left for Right of Passage
Crystalmarker.png November 2017: Successfully completed Rite of Passage

:Never Have I Ever

Crystalmarker.png Her hair colour isn't dyed.
Crystalmarker.png She's actually a Mokole with fantastic disguise skills.
Crystalmarker.png She's a very well-disguised Kinfolk.
Crystalmarker.png Her laughter is so infectious that she once caused four Ragabash to go through their First Change with it.
Crystalmarker.png Is a sexy time-traveling coyote
Crystalmarker.png Actually has an in-depth hatred of all things colourful and hopes that she'll drive people to colour-blindness with her rainbow regalia. Iris wants the world to be monochrome.
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Crystalmarker.png "Don't let her rank fool you, she knows her stuff, got a good head on her shoulders, and a sharp tongue to boot. She's also pretty awesome and lovely. She's going places!" - Wyrmbaiter
Crystalmarker.png “I worry about her, where she is. I need to visit her more often.” - Priscilla Lamnidae
Crystalmarker.png "A great deal of fun, and lights up the place wherever she goes. The perfect traveling companion, and a wonderful friend, I feel a definite closeness to her." - Drake
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Crystalmarker.png Wyrmbaiter
Crystalmarker.png Priscilla Lamindae Priscillasharkemoji.png
Crystalmarker.png Razortooth
Crystalmarker.png Damage Control
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:OOC Info

Player: Cali C.
Story Teller:
Location: Clearwater, Fl