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Character Information


Name: Cheyenne "Spirit Rider"



Rank: Fostern

Sept: None at the moment

Title or Position:None at this time

Pack: None at the moment

Spirit Rider's Story

In the far North West of Montana near to the Idaho border lies a mountain range they call The Oxbow. It is a region of the Rocky Mountains that people rarely travel into and is considered one of the last remaining truly wild places in America. From time to time, a man or woman will wander into the Oxbow and about 9/10 times they will never make their way back out. The very few times anyone survived a trip into The Oxbow, the stories they emerged with were horrific. There are tales of large, monstrous beasts, some of them half human that live in the woods protecting it from intruders. A lot of folks reckon they refer to the legends of Big Foot, or Sasquatch. Some believe the stories that there are werewolves living in the woods that are protecting their land from humans. While the latter is the truth, the stories are always looked at as conspiracy theory hogwash and are dismissed outright. Some of the locals call it “Bear Mountain” and reckon that anyone who comes out telling tales of monsters has had their run in with the Grizzly and Kodiak bears that live in the Rockies. We like to perpetrate those rumors to protect the people. Way back in the deep woods of that dangerous mountain there is a clan of the Cheyenne tribe who live in the peaceful, unrestricted wilds where modern society has no reins on their way of life and no laws to hang over their heads.

Back before the white man settled the land, there were legends among the Cheyenne of those who could walk as animals and commune with them. Those who could shift into Bears, Coyotes, Foxes, Ravens and Wolves...They were known as the “Shifters” among their people and revered as spiritual warriors and leaders. Their wisdom was holy and sacred among the people whom they called their kinfolk. The shifters would guide their people through the toughest of winters and ensure they had the food and shelter to make it through the deep snows that fell each year. They would lead them in hunts in the summer months and helped the people thrive and work in unison with the spirits of the land. When the white man came and brought with them the weapons and illnesses that began to destroy the tribes, the shifters took their Packs and moved back into the Oxbow, through hidden passages to the ‘Valley of Light’. This is where they have lived since that time so many moons ago, and where they live still today.

At the heart of the Valley of Light, there is a sacred place for the shifters. The spirits of the land commune with the tribes there; they work together to fight the spirits of the Wyrm and maintain a balance for Gaia. The Packs that survived live here now, and have been led by many strong warrior chiefs throughout the centuries, keeping the secret of the vale hidden from the world around them and protecting the members of the packs from corruption by the spirits of the Weaver. A particularly feral pack of Red Talon wolves guards the secret of the location and kills any human who dares to enter the Oxbow.

In 1965, the human world entered the Oxbow. A logging company had bought a chunk of the land the Packs had claimed and brought their tree eating machines. It was a long and costly battle, but the secret of the Valley of Light was kept. The Chief thought it was time to educate his people about the modern world and sent excursion parties out into the human cities to learn about their ways. Some of the people learned the law of the humans and were able to buy back the land from the logging companies. Small ranches were set up on the outskirts of the Oxbow and staffed with members of the Packs as a buffer zone between the mortal world and the heart of the valley. They raised Horses and Buffalo at most of the ranches, but one or two were set up to tame wild mustangs. The Lone Mountain Mustang Ranch is where Spirit Rider's story begins.


  • 2010 - Spirit Rider is born to parents Little Dove and Yellow Owl.
  • 2012 - On Spirit Rider's 2nd birthday Little Dove died in a fire at Lone Mountain Ranch while trying to save the horses and Spirit Rider had her first change.
  • 2013 - "Please Stop Talking" came to the Lone Mountain Mustang Ranch to teach her about the Umbra and how to navigate it. It took some time because he kept going on tangents about other places in the world and many of the strange and unusual histories from Australia to Germany and Greece and beyond, but eventually he got around to teaching her about the Umbra...with consistent goading by the Den Mother.
  • 2014 - Sent on her rite of passage. She was to go into the Umbra and rescue a herd of Mustang Spirits that had gotten themselves trapped. She had to navigate parts of the umbra she’d never seen, negotiate with spirits she’d never met and then when she found them, she froze in a panic. The night her mother was killed in the fire at the Lone Mountain Ranch came back to her and she had to fight through the fear to even approach them. Once she did, she got close to them and the fear melted away like butter on a hot summer day. One of the Mustang spirits looked at her and it was as if her heart began to dance again. She cut the tethers that bound the spirits and climbed upon the back of the one who reminded her of Dancing Heart and rode them all to safety. It was then that she got the deed name “Spirit Rider” and became the newest Cliath of her Pack.
  • 2015 - A fox girl named Chula came to visit the Valley of Light in Montana in order to teach Spirit Rider things about the Fera.
  • 2016 - Fostern Challenge completed with a group of 4 other Cliath from the Valley. She was to recover a stolen relic from a fomori camp on the other side of the Oxbow. They didn’t tell her that Black Spiral Dancers would be camped with the fomori and she nearly lost her life in the skirmish, but they did recover the relic and return it to the Caern in one piece.
  • 2016 - Had a vision that told her to go to Atlanta.
  • 2017, February - Found a man named Wally Cobb who had been bitten by a Red Talon in the mountains in Tennessee, rescued him and brought him to Atlanta, helped him track down and seek justice on the Red Talon who attacked him.
  • 2017, March - Met Tenebrous Harmony and Rika in person after having worked with them through shared visions in the past.
  • 2017, March - Assisted in the disruption of a ritual at a cemetery in Atlanta by humans who were meddling with affairs they didn't understand.
  • 2017, March - Witnessed her first Caern Raising in Atlanta.

Friends and Allies


None yet, Feel free to add one!


None yet, Feel free to add one!

  • "Vision made into flesh. I'm used to that, but not quite in this way. I hope that we see more of each other in the world outside our own minds." - Tenebrous Harmony
  • "When we met, the first thought was to ensure it wasn't a dream. I'm glad she is real. Her presence was invaluable in helping a young cub lost in the world. I feel we have much to accomplish together in the future." - Komaeda Rika Tsukigami
  • "She seems very smart, and one of the nicer wolves that I've met. We should adopt her." - Buttons

Out of Character Information

Player: Sarah Wade

MES Number: US2013010018

VST: Mike Boaz

Location:PC is based in Atlanta, GA, player is based in Huntsville, AL