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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Spitballer

Notable Traits: Oftentimes is wearing a blue baseball cap. Tends to fight for her Mama, whether it is needed or not. Plays with her pea-shooter when she's itching for trouble.

Currently, is in an rage at the loss of her eye.

Pack: The Oathbound

Society: N/A

Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon



Spitballer was born deep in the Umbra, in one of the Munchmausen camps. She was one of 3 rodens that survived the Birthing Plague. She was also the smallest. Her diminutive size made her too easy to be dominated so she enhanced her aim and range. Hence the name Spitballer – she would hurl globs of spit at her enemies.

Sometime around 2008, she was sent to San Antonio with a pack of Ratkin on a scouting mission. Something had gone wrong and her scouting pack had unfortunately been "disbanded." Never seeing Earth before, she decided to explore the city. She lived life in the sewers of downtown San Antonio for time, mainly as a rat, but gradually came around to using her human form. She learned that hurling spit wouldn't always be the most effective way at taking down enemies, though her gift of toxic spit still had it's uses. Instead, she discovered what humans lacked in strength, they more than made up for in fire power. She decided to learn how to handle firearms, though she's still trying to understand what technology is.

As time went on, she was (re)discovered by a Garou, Dam Karma, who decided to take her in. Finally in a pack again, Spitballer is always eager to please and protect her new, adoptive mother - even if there are a few clashes. After all, being Ratkin, there's always a need for chaos.


  • May have had a hand in the Bluebell recall.
  • Has been confused as some sort of mangy squirrel.
  • Believes Donald Trump to be Ratkin (Munchmausen Kinfolk). Tiny hands. Penchant for chaos. I mean, come on?
  • Can do trick shots with her spit.
  • While taking care of the ducks/duck spirits, she is looking into keeping one as a "Warrior Duck." A duck that would fly her into battle, but don't worry, Mama, I promise to keep it safe.
  • Believes that Whales is a place where Whalians live (half whale, half man - eh, kinda like the Rokea, but DEFINITELY not the same thing).
  • She has offered to be a certain Ghrual's "BooBoo" if he shares his pic-a-nick baskets.
  • May have taken spitball shots at various Sept Council members.
  • Wonders why Trixie Bedoomdoom can't be her human name. So, against the will of some wolfie advisors, it will become her alternate identity as she works to become an "exotic dancer." Besides, she can't be scrounging around; she's got debts to pay.
  • Sacrificed her eye to the wolfies. "Injustice....make someone pay...."

The Things They Say

  • "A friendly fera face among feral hounds, just hope she can keep her tail and head attached among the wolves." - Persona Non Grata
  • "Spitballer and her shotgun are welcome to hang with SquadGoals any time. She's my girl!" - Jo Trevino
  • "aaAAAwoooooo" - Boar Slayer
  • "Fera who choose to be members of the Garou Nation are held to a high standard. The temporary loss of an eye is a small price to pay,compared to what should have happened. Fera have a place- she should remember hers and strive to do her best by it." Amarok, Wyrmfoe
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OOC Information

Player: Katrina

Player Email: quilesek@gmail.com

Storyteller: MJ Jackson

Storyteller Email: mes-sa-apocalypse-st@googlegroups.com

Location: San Antonio, TX