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Commonly Known Information

Name: Squares

Notable Traits: cybernetic left arm and Cheiron Group synth mark on left side of face

Type: Human Synth

Character Type Subgroup: Synth

Union: Merchant's


Created in pod G0013 for use as a terraformer on a barely hospitable world. His job was to maintain the health of the rest of the synths in his pod as the built Peril's first productive colony. That didn't happen and every last member of pod G0013 is dead in less then 100 sols. He made it off the planet, barely, and has taken up with a freighter out of the Leopold station as a ship's medic.


  • "Hando ... go with him so he comes back in one piece." - Bodi Mindree


  • He killed all the other synths to hide a treasure on Peril.
  • He has sway not just on the lower band of the station but among some on the upper band as well.
  • He is a defective synth.
  • He is often in the parks on the station because he gets space sick easily.


OOC Information

Player: Jesse E

Player Email: Squares

Storyteller: Rebecca

Storyteller Email: VST Space IL-009-D

Location: Bloomington IL