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[This is the Sabbat VSS for GLRE 2019.]

VSS Information

VSS Boundaries: St. Paul
VST Name: Jen Brazas
VST Email:
Domain Code: GL DPotM

Setting Information

City Type: Sabbat
Other Vampire Political Affiliation Active in the Domain: Unblinded brotherhood, unaligned mercenaries
Theme: Old world vs. new world ideas and politics
Mood: Paranoia, rebellion
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Plot elements (1–5 scale)

Action (Combat and Challenges): 3
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 4
Darkness (PC Corruption): 5
Death (PC Death): 3
Drama (Ceremony and Grand Story): 3
Intrigue (Politics and Negotiation): 4
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 4
Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 3

Narrative background his gambling, he had one besetting weakness -- faith in a system; and this made his damnation certain.” --Jack London, Call of the Wild

The city of St. Paul began as a fallback point from the brutal hunter attacks of 2005, and the seat of power for Cardinal Miranda the Baptiser. As a show of strength to a weakening Sword, she remained close to the threat while she pursued political options to ensure the Sabbat would be able to regain their numbers. But with the Camarilla defeating the Hunters in Minneapolis where the Sword failed, there are many wondering whether or not her conservative politics are a smokescreen for cowardice.

With this question, a young and charismatic leader was able to rally and unite the refugees of the former diocese with some new blood to the area, and establish a diocese on the Cardinal’s doorstep. There remain voices that harken to the old days of reveling in the monstrosity of the Cainite condition, while others desire to reclaim old glory from conquest over their nearby rivals. The horrors of the past that led to the current political status are not far from the minds of older members of the former diocese, but the sect needs some wins in the region. Both leaders balance their power on the promise to secure these wins...

City Timeline

  • 1838–1848: St. Paul, St. Anthony, and Stillwater (Minnesota's first towns) founded.
  • 1854: St. Paul becomes a city with a total area of four square mile
  • 1881: St. Paul is destroyed by a massive fire
  • 1914: World War 1 starts. Minneapolis becomes the home of the Federal Reserve bank. This draws the attention of the Camarilla who establish a small praxis led by a Ventrue named Regis Claremont. The city is held quietly without major conflict the next several decades
  • 2000: Regent Melinda Galbraith is slain at Palla Grande by unknown parties under rumors of infernalism. She is briefly Impersonated by Zachary Sikorsky. (p. 417)
    • Temoch the Jackal rises as the Sixth Regent and announces a Crusade and mass embrace, resulting in the capture of various cities. (p. 417)
      • Minneapolis is one of the cities taken by the Sword during this Crusade with violence and bloodshed. The Camarilla rallies in response and manages to fight a constant contest for control. Archbishop Charles Conrad revels in the extremes, and eventually brutally executes Prince Claremont as a show of shock and awe
  • 2001: The Camarilla’s attempts to maintain the Masquerade begin to fail as the Sabbat continue to escalate the conflict to gain full control of the city
  • 2005: The war against the hunters within Minneapolis reaches a breaking point. Both Camarilla and Sabbat are forced to abandon the city.
    • Archbishop Conrad is killed brutally when his pack’s haven is raided during the day by Hunter operatives.
    • Cardinal Miranda the Baptiser orders the retreat, and establishes a fallback point in nearby St. Paul. The survivors are few in number, and as other Dioceses within the Great Lakes fall one by one, she urges the Sword to focus on consolidating their forces and regrouping to avoid further losses.
  • 2008: The Silence of the Blood is adopted to combat the Hunters.
  • 2012: The Chicago Blood Accord is signed, and the war between the Sabbat and the Camarilla officially becomes a Cold War. The Anarchs and Independent Alliance are not invited.
    • Miranda is a vocal supporter of the Accord, to the consternation of a small but vocal minority within the region
  • December 2017: A faction of “true Sabbat” attempts to wage war on the Domain of New York. It is later determined these are an outsider, extremist faction that would come to be known as the Unblinded Brotherhood.
  • January 2019: The Camarilla, Anarchs and a small faction of IA manage to reclaim Minneapolis from the Hunters
    • In response, Mercy Trudeau--a charismatic, younger leader--is able to unite the remnants of the former diocese of Minneapolis, and brings in some fresh blood to fill in the ranks.
      • They successfully defeat Sabrina of Thessaly in a monomacy to claim Archbishop of St. Pau
  • January 2019: Mercy is bathed as Archbishop by Templar Aaron Wilkshire, instead of the Cardinal herself. Tensions have existed between the two ever since.

Storyteller Notes

  • This VSS is an NPC controlled Domain under the control of the GL Regional Staff
  • Travelers are expected to send their character sheets to the aRST Sabbat with the details of how they are getting there and intended purpose.
  • There is no such thing as soft RP proxies. The VST email must be CC’d on all scenes or all scenes in a format that can be easily sent to the VST (such as a google hangout or discord log). Facebook messenger is not an acceptable format.