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Stag's Fury


Name: Stags-Fury
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern
Breed: Lupus
Tribe: Fianna
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Camp: The Companions Of Herne
Sept: Sept of The Gathering Tides
Pack: None Yet

Notable Traits:

Staghoofprint.png Huge Battle-scar on His Chest Courtesy of BSD's Silver Bastard Sword that Gained in Wales, Filled with Silver(Rite of Wounding),
Staghoofprint.png Huge Orange-Red Furred Lupus.

Forms Description:

Homid- He has the Appearance of A Young African American Male with Dreads and Always Sports a Green Flannel shirt with the Fianna symbol on The Back of his shirt.
He Stands at 6,5 and have a Solid frame and Athlete Build worthy of an Ahroun.

Crinos- With The gift of the Sprrigen and The Tribes ability to become giants at times. He Stands as A Massive 15 Foot Crinos with the Bearings of Fianna Tribe. His Massive frame and Rippling Muscles is a sight to behold but not to enemies that has to face him in Mortal Combat.

Lupus: He is a Massive Orange-Reddish Furred Lupus with an Impressive Frame for such a Wolf.


Stags-Fury was Born from a Liter of 12 in May 20, 2014, by a Well known Lupus Elder Fianna Gallaird named Sings-With-The-Giants on The Country-side of Ireland. His Mother and his wolf kin siblings was known for travelling all around with their Gallaird mother to new lands across the seas then some. She never thought that one of her little Pups would undergo their first change. That is until he seen his Mother got attacked by Sept member at a visiting Sept in Canada that they visited because of a story she told.

Stags-Fury soon changed and attacked the aggressor, Soon after he was subdued. He was soon put to work as a Cub and went through a lot of Training and typical regiments that you would put a Cub through. Years went by and believe it or not he was Cliath and soon earned the Name Stags-Fury from Wrestling a Wayward rampaging Black Stag Spirit to the Ground. Stags-Fury Mother didn't stay long after he got his rank and told him to forge a Path that their Ancestors would be proud of. So He stayed at the Sept in Canada a little longer, Training and growing until Stags-Fury was given his Fostern challenge to aid The Bone-Gnawers of Harlem, New York. During that time aiding the Bone gnawer, He learned the ways of the street and gain some deeper insight in what it meant to help those who couldn't help themselves. Even when Stags-Fury was done and named Fostern, He stilled stayed in Harlem helping out the Bone Gnawer and their Kin.

Soon after he heard the call of Puerto Rico and something was yet again drawing him somewhere else. So Stags-Fury Decided to say his goodbye to the Bone Gnawer and their kin and take his Talents to this New Sept in Puerto Rico. Who Knows this could be a New Adventure for this Plucky hero.


Staghoofprint.png He is a DJ in The Day Time.
Staghoofprint.png The Party-Wolf.
Staghoofprint.png He is The Charming Rebel of The Tribe.
Staghoofprint.png His skill with the tiny violin is unmatched.
Staghoofprint.png Rumor
Staghoofprint.png Rumor


Staghoofprint.png "Stags-Fury-rhya is an interesting wolf. He is gungho in everything he does and puts his full spirit into things--especially fighting the wyrm--but there are times he may be too anxious for battle and that's where his friends can help him. He's got a great heart." - Starbucks
Staghoofprint.png "The only cartoon character I've had the pleasure to meet." - 'Spector
Staghoofprint.png "He's trying and I give him credit for that." - Priscilla Lamnidae
Staghoofprint.png "Stags Fury-rhya, and I will continue to call him that, for his reaction amuses me so. He is a young man, with a good heart and a loud mouth; and the tapestry of my life is ever brighter now that Gaia has chosen to add his thread to it." - Thyra Laskaris
Staghoofprint.png "He gets pie." - Verity Apple Willow
Staghoofprint.png "He is quite the dancer. I do hope I will get to dance with him again.." - Rose Marie Davis
Staghoofprint.png "None can match his enthusiasm when it comes to combating the Wyrm. None can match his will for making their mark on this world." - Jonathan McBride
Staghoofprint.png "He is very handsome." - Dae Chung
Staghoofprint.png "If you ever need a Warrior to show up, you can bet that Stags-Fury will. I look forward to the next time I go into battle with him by my side." - Muertow
Staghoofprint.png "Energetic, Robed in Glory whenever we meet, and entertaining. I hope to keep as friend." - Katayo
Staghoofprint.png <Let's out a long groan.> "There are reasons I don't get along with other Lupus." - Ghost-In-The-Woods
Staghoofprint.png "Quote." - Name

OOC Information

Player: Diamond.Welch US2017010052
Player Email: Player Email Contact
Storyteller: Cali Crisler US2010106823
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