Standing River

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Standing River

Notable Traits: Walks with a bit of a limp, possesses the eyes of a wolf

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Gangrel


  • 1722 - Born in Ohio River Valley
  • 1734 - It is noted by the tribal elders that he has had visions and dreams come true, a fact he dismisses to follow his dream to become a great warrior.
  • 1739 - Became his own man among the Shawnee
  • 1754 - 1763 French Indian War
  • 1757 - Injured during a skirmish resulting in a severe limp
  • 1759 - Stakes himself out during a raid, wishing to die in an honorable manner, a lone soldier approaches him and enters into single combat. He is overwhelmed by gunfire. Feeling his life leave him he awakens later that night in a river, but not dead.
  • 1769 - Ula, his sire, finally reveals herself and informs him of his condition.
  • 1773 - Begins seeking out wise men to learn the old ways of healing and the spirits to find a cure for what he believes is being cursed by the Wendigo
  • 1813 -1814 - Creek war
  • 1830 - Indian removal act
  • 1831 - Begins to hunt soldiers herding his peoples from their lands.
  • 1852 - Raids a Pinkerton transport in the night, finding what would become his most valuable Possession.
  • 1877 - Feels a draw to travel north west, to the northern alaskan coast - meets Arnwolf Greybeard Harbard.
  • 2010 - Battle of Urals
  • 2017 - Heads to Savannah to meet up with his sire
  • 2018 - Becomes Primogen of Savannah GA, taking over the seat in his Sire's absence.


  • "Han har ære og styrke. Disse egenskapene beskyttet ham i en tid av motgang og vold. Derfor bør du ikke argumentere med min beslutning om å sende ham til The Urals." - Olaf
  • "It is our knowledge that grants us power, not the sharpness of our claws." - Standing River
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  • His sire did not "choose" him, but rather found him on the battlefield, staked out and cut down my musket fire.
  • He has traveled all over the country, but left its boundaries only twice.
  • He fought at the battle of the Urals, his first combat in centuries.

Standing River

Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen
Domain: Savannah, Georgia
Player: Jimmy Lindsey US2010116928
DST: Scott Knight