Stands Alone in Darkness

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Stands Alone in Darkness

Notable Traits:
He has one eye. It seems to have been scooped cleanly with no sign of damage to the surrounding tissue.

Shield of Peace
Crimson Tooth Fury
Wanders in Secret
Old Black Water

Sept: Sept of the Hidden Shore


Biography OOC

Kalsen was born to a Get family. His mother was a Shifter. His father a kinfolk. His mother was the granddaughter of Golgol's mother (never named in the supplements) and she was the older child. Raised by Golgol's father, the family moved to the US after the end of WWII. Kalsen was not the oldest of the children but not the youngest either. His younger sister Jennifer, was Kin but strong in her own ways. She understood technology in a way that Kalsen did not. He took her under his protection and she was his favorite sibling. Together, they would get into every kind of trouble they could find. And if she was not able to find a way out, Kalsen would argue law with the Elders to try and trip them up. If he could make a strong enough case, they would simply beat him and she would run off.

As they aged, Kalsen went through his first change.It was a rough time for him. He was suddenly important to the war effort in a way that he wasn't before. He was expected to give up on his family and rush off to every front in the war. There were so many, and no where near enough Garou. He was gone for a few years. When he came back, he found that Jen was chaffing under the rules of the Get. She was expected to mate and bear young. She didn't want to. Kalsen thought he found a way out for her. He spoke with several Black Furies to see if they would take Jen as a mate so that she would be free from the call to bear children to anyone save her mate that would likely never require it of her. Before he could see this through, Jen ran away from home. She found a Glass Walker. It gave her the Bite. But she was Get stock. She survived the pain and joined the ranks of the Garou.

A year went by. Kalsen protected the home Sept. He elevated to the Rank of Athro. He was sought out for advice and council. One night, on the eve of a great battle, he met with a distant cousin. Upon walking into her home, he smelled her being with child. He asked her who made her so, since she had no formal mate. It was a Shadow Lord. Kalsen was begged to tell no one. It would have meant war. Kalsen agreed and told her he would handle it after the battle. Returning home victorious, he shouted to the entire Sept that Sylvi was his mate from that day forward. If any would dare challenge him, to meet him in the Mead Hall. He was tired and thirsty and none of them were worth the fight before he had water.

The Shadow Lord was waiting. He tried to talk Kalsen out of it. He thought to challenge Kalsen. Sylvi is wise. She spoke to the Shadow Lord and explained he would die at Kalsen's hands. He tucked his tail and ran. Typical Shadow Lord.

The Sept is under attack. We were betrayed by a Kinfolk that thought he would get a better deal with the BSDs. We fought. Kalsen is told Sylvi just had the baby. In the middle of combat. Of course she would. Kalsen sends two Garou he trusts to her to get her and the baby out. Black Water went and collected the baby. It hadn't even had its first suckle. She ran. A Silent Strider collected Sylvi and took her to another Kin's farm. He was killed by a BSD that followed them.

The Shadow Lord returned with the Kin that betrayed the Sept bound to a branch. A spirit told Kalsen that his wife was not able to be found. He pushed. It said the only way it would not be able to find her was if it was dead. Kalsen turned his gaze on the bound Kin. He killed the Kin. Slowly. A piece at a time.

He lost his mind for a time. His mate was dead. His family lost in the fall of the Sept. He burned his father's corpse and those of his brothers and sisters. Jen was lost. He could not find her. Everyone was dead. Save him. And that Shadow Lord. The Lord left. Kalsen found a nearby Sept and told them of the fall. He took the blame for not protecting the Sept as he should have. He was striped of his ranks and given a new name. No longer would he be known as Lightning Hunter. He would be known as Stands Alone in Darkness. Until he found a pack that would take him, bring a new Caern to the world, and prove his leadership of that Caern, he would remain a Fostern.

He left and found a dark place in the woods near Lake Gaston. It was his territory. He would hold it. Any that came to him, he killed. Animal or man. In his madness, Uktena appeared before him and cursed him. He felt the moon light against his skin begin to burn him. As if molten silver was being poured on him. He shifted to his Lupus form and it stopped. Uktena spoke again. Kalsen awoke in his Lupus form with one eye gone.

Time passes. Kalsen is alone. He scents other wolves. There are four. They are coming into his territory. They challenge him. His hackles raise. He will put an end to them as he has all others. He moves to his Hispo form. The red one does the same and leaps at him. Their battle would have raged for days. Kalsen, who takes damage so others don't have to. The red one, a beast of attacks. A calming voice speaks to them. Words that Kalsen has not heard in almost two years of living alone. Black Water warning him to stay his hand so as to not hurt her pup. He sees a human child clinging to her back. He can smell HER. Sylvi's child lived. He stops fighting. He moves to Black Water as another female wolf, a Child of Gaia continues talking. Calming. He looks at the child. It smells of Sylvi, but it is a girl. The child she had was a boy.

He is accepted by the pack. A Child of Gaia, Uktena, Red Talon, and Black Fury. All lupus. They want to call a Spirit to take as Totem. The Talon suggest Griffon since they are all Lupus. Kalsen takes him aside and explains what he is and why he lives like he does. A different Spirit is selected.

As they come to where the new Sept will be formed, they mark out a territory of their own. Alone one evening, Kalsen sees a Raven Spirit flit down in front of him. It tells him it knows things. He gives it meat with Gnosis. The Raven tells him, after a time, that Sylvi lives. Kalsen demands to know where she is. The Raven, after some coercion, tells him. He takes off to her home.

2017: Crimson Tooth, Red Talon and pack mate, dies defending Shield of Peace. Sylvi makes a new choice and takes a new mate. One step leads to the next. Pack is the only home now.


  • "Like attracts like, and strong build up the strong. I am blessed that in addition to these things, our hearth is full of affection. No matter how far we may roam, Elskede, we will always find each other. The fates have entwined us." - Sylvi Anker
  • "He is like Stoplight but in reverse. It all makes sense if you think of it like that." - StrongTalk
  • "I'm happy he's alive, but of course he was getting on my nerves within ten minutes of us seeing each other again. Goddamn you, brother, I missed you." - Jen Ahlberg
  • "I don't normally assist with people's emotional entanglements, but in Kalsen's case, it was my pleasure to make an exception. We're practically family, after all." - Hollis Faraday
  • "The great wind of his anger has swayed a great many people, but he will find in me a tree that does not move so easily." - Thyra Laskaris
  • "One who has travelled to and returned from the roots of Yggdrasil is worthy of respect. If his anger is directed justly then he should be listened to". - Annika

OOC Information

Player: Nick P.
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Storyteller: Ralph Anthony
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Location: Raleigh, NC