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Stands Firm at his forge
Stands Firm fishing

Information Known by both the Fera and Garou Nation

Name: Stands Firm

Ursine born Rishi; Mountain Guardian (Garou terms: Rank = Elder Auspice = Philodox)

Champion of Spring

Sworn to Spring Stag

Blessed by Mother Night

Blessed by Gorgan

Former Master of Challenge at the Desert's Wind (the 14th Great Caern)

Sept: Lives somewhere in the Central Valley of California


Skilled in multiple forms of healing as are all Gurahl, Stands Firm is also a talented maker of Fetishes and Talons. When first found in 2018 at the (SWRE 2018 Event), he no conscience memory to work with. However, he still seemed able to craft Fetishes of note.

He is known to be one of the Gurahl that made the quest to Pangea as well as traveling to several of the Great Caerns to perform the Rites to allow the creation of more Caern Seeds.


A deep Battle Scar starts in his hairline and travels through his left eye, disappearing in his beard. A Silver shooting star with a second, smaller star below it seems branded below his dead eye. In place of the gleaming flower that once grew from his scalp, there is now a braid of Silver hair. The braid will slither around on its own accord at times.


1720 = Born in Northern Utah

1725 = Experienced First Change

1760 = Helped with the founding of both an Uktena and Wendigo Caern. The Wendigo Caern was near Cedar Breaks and the Uktena Caern next to Mount Timpanogos.

1901 = Helped brokered peace between a group of Silver Fangs and a second group of Get of Fenis in Northern Utah, ending a Blood Feud.

1910 = Helped Iona Ghost Claw (Elder Black Fury Sept Leader)(NPC), Grandmother of Kornelia Blood Mane (Ancestral Spirit) for Cas Daughter of Atropos (PC) (st contact: white_paw_lost'at' pass on peacefully

1920 = Entered Hibernation

2010-12 = Awoken from Hibernation by Spirits to help with the search for the Caern Shards in Pangea. During this time, he helped with traveling through the Umbra as well as assisting with the Rites to convert the remaining Great Caerns to allow for the creation of Seeds. (Approved)

2012 = Interacted with Katayo

2012-14 = Mentor and Teacher for Leah Morningkill

2014-16 = Mentor and Teacher for Natalia Khouri

2018 = (May)Woke from Hibernation in middle of Silent Strider Desert Moot. (SWRE 2018) Woke with total amnesia. Once identified as a Gurahl was taken in by several other Gurahl to help bring up to date and insure no more harm came to him. (June) Approached by Aurora Brown, at the time a Black Fury Cub, who becomes first Supplicant student during this period.

Fetishes Created ~or~ Carried

~ Ursa's Walking Staff ~

~ Turtle's Last Promise ~

~ Sweet Honey Treats ~

~ Spring's Mark ~

~ Hydraulic Strength ~

~ Wyrm Bane ~

~ Dawn's Stride ~

~ Age ~

~ Youth ~

Friends & Foes

Katayo While not friends, they have a mutually beneficial relationship

Aurora Brown The first Student to come to him after his last Awakening, it is unknown what the exact status of Speaks Her Mind and Stands Firm currently as it is rumored something drastic happened to change the relationship.

Natalia Khouri A prime example of a Student that learns well. Sadly their interactions were from his lost memory time. Having met since his last Awakening it is unknown what, if any, relationship still remains due to his losing all memory of their time together.

Matthew Judd Unknown who is teaching who, this Spider has taken up residence near Stands Firm.

Shiva's Dove As seems common for Stands Firm, it is unknown exactly what their relationship is.

Leah Morningkill The young Bastet cheerleader and sorority girl seems an odd companion for the grumpy old gurahl, but she seems incredibly familiar with him - at least as familiar as she is with several of her other companions.


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  • Created a Fetish Weapon that was designed solely to kill Garou
  • While unknown exactly what Spring Stag requires of the latest Champion of Spring, it has been noted that there seems to be a higher pregnancy rate of the animals in the Northern Salt Lake Valley.
  • Changed a clearing in Utah to a Wyld protected saffron field
  • Rumor here

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