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Stanislav Zakharov




Stanislav is usually dressed entirely in black business wear with a pair of sunglasses to hide his unnatural eyes. He is usually seen standing behind his Prince or his sire, scanning the crowd of faces.


His sire, Macha Ruad, acquired him while he was covertly working in the United States, after a long career with the GRU and Spetsnaz. His handiwork is painted in the landscape of Chechnya and Afghanistan. Serving as a ghoul bodyguard for several years, it is said that he earned his embrace for actions taken to protect his Assamite family.


Location: New York, NY
Clan: Assamite (Vizier)

Lineage: Poetry in Motion



  • Acknowledged in the Camarilla
  • Enforcer in the Camarilla


Stanis Death.jpg

репутации (Reputation)

"My mother was born of the Goddess of war and I am her only begotten son..."

Слухи (Rumors)

  • There are interpol warrants for his arrest
  • As a ghoul, Stanislav held off a Sabbat pack during a dawn raid on his sire's haven.
  • Stanislav was in the United States, preparing for an invasion

Цитаты (Quotes)

  • "Stanislav has been indispensable in more ways than I can say, and he is possessed of more depth and diversity of skill than anybody knows. Which, I think, is just how he likes it." Macha Ruad
  • "Stanislav is not the tip of the spear because he was born to it- he is the tip of the spear because there is nowhere else he would rather be." Elijah Zacheaus
  • "When I learned there was another Russian in the city, and an Assamite to boot, two thoughts immediately popped into my head: I must never cross this man, and I must absolutely drink with him." Bartleby Crane



  • John Wick, "John Wick"
  • Nikolai, "Eastern Promises"
  • Nathan Muir, "Spy Game"

Ties Sought

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Musical Inspiration

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Player Contact: Dan H. US2002021019
ST Contact: Marshall C.
Coordinator: Ilan N.