Stanton McCain

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Spiders Were Happy

In war, you must utilize all resources at your disposal.


Information Known by the Garou Nation

  • Name: Stanton McCain
  • Pack: Blue Oyster Cult
  • Society: Concordat of Stars
  • Sept: Sept of the Crescent Swamp

  • Notable Traits - Eyes have a silverish steel grey hue to them
  • Homid Form - Stan is usually wearing all black, cargo pants and t-shirt. He wears a pair of goggles at all times with a shaved head.
  • Crinos Form - A mottled mixture of black and silver fur
  • Lupus Form - Small wolf with same mottled black and silver fur


  • Atomic Biological Chemical - V2A
  • War Boy - VSA
  • Neobedouin - Abney Park


  • 1990 - Stan is born
  • 1997 - Stan gets his first computer
  • 2007 - Parents are killed during robbery, Stan goes through his first change. Distant uncle takes him in. Under his uncle's guidance, he is taught about cybernetics, their care and how to perform the surgery to install them
  • 2010 - Stan gets his first upgrade
  • 2012 - Stan's uncle is killed in battle. Stan packs up and leaves in old Winnebago to start exploring.
  • 2013 - Stan encounters a sept under siege, he assists them in fighting back the attackers. It is during this time that he does his first smash and grab of Wyrm tech and weapons.
  • 2017 - Stan arrives in New Orleans in search of Kinfolk
Friends and Allies

Rumors, Accusations, and Downright Lies

  • Stan is a hoarder of Wyrm tech
OOC Information

Player: Donald Tennant

Player Email:

Storyteller: Katie Schill

Storyteller Email:

Location: New Orleans, La.