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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Starbucks, Unsolvable Resolve (Fostern Deed Name)

Notable Traits: Pretty petite girl with an odd feel to her (Bitten)

Pack: Gaia's Shield

Society: Neutral

Sept: Sept of Gathering Tides (Puerto Rico)

Pack: Gaia's Shield

Concept: A wandering hippie with a tarot deck and a Strider's feet



  • 1992, April 3: Charlotte Jean is born at Aultman Hospital. She was a natural birth and both parents Jay, short for Jason, and Honey, short for Madeline, are excited parents. She is 6#4ozs and 21cm length. After the hospital releases them, she and Honey go to their home on 25th street.
  • 1992, April 5: The family settles into the house. Originally owned by Dirk and Brenda Isbell, Honey's parents, it came into the younger couple's hands when grandma and grandpa moved to Florida. It's an older home and not like the ones that are being built by lawyers, but Honey and Jay enjoy being in the house with familiarity. Charlotte grows bigger.
  • 1995, August 22: Charlotte starts preschool. She is a precocious child and learns quickly, but at her own pace and is stubborn enough that she almost disrupts the class. Just almost though.
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  • 1997, August 19: Charlotte starts school. She is slightly teased for her name in Kindergarten, but stands firm and chin high. It was her dad's mom's name after all and she's proud of it even though she never got the chance to meet her.
  • 2010, June 6: One of the Honor Club, Charlotte graduates from Timken High School. She announces her plans to go to college, but her parents aren't keen on her taking English and History as majors. She compromises and goes English and pre-Law like they want her to, but she adds extra History, Philosophy and art classes to her class roster. She continues her studies dutifully, but her heart isn't into the pre-law side. She doesn't want be a lawyer like her parents.
  • 2015, June 16: After being discovered as an Unborn by a member of the Garou society, Charlotte is kidnapped and then given the Bite. A wandering wolf pack, Aids the Spirits, come upon her and take her in. They hunt down and destroy the one that bit her w/o telling her.
  • 2015, July 15: Having told her parents she was taking a class trip, Charlotte undergoes the 28 day trial of being Bitten.
  • 2015, August 12: Charlotte turns.
  • 2016, February 29: Charlotte is ordered to go track a person and given the scent. She is to only watch the person and then after a day return with information on where the person stays the most. She doesn't know it's a kinfolk that has been voluntold for this task, and she undergoes the trial that shows her training as a scout. When she discovers that the person spends most of his time in a coffee shop, she returns having bought the traveling Strider coffee in steel insulated cups. Her deed name is given as Starbucks and she is accepted by Owl into the Silent Striders. The visiting pack Alpha Ahroun Hits-Like-Stone is quite happy with his cup.
  • 2016, August 15: Starbucks helped plant the Caern Seed at the Puerto Rico caern. She was Wind.
  • 2018, February 13: Starbucks joins Gaia's Shield.
  • 2018, March 28: Starbucks is granted rank of Fostern and given the deed name Unsolvable Riddle.


  • Marco "Crosses the Acheron"
  • Elena


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  • "She seems to be fitting in rather nicely, a pleasant young woman. I must speak to her more." - Wyrmbaiter
  • "Don't let her name lull you into some fanciful pop culture reference of sugar and spice and that's all she is. This young lady is a touch of sugar, spice, and a whole lot of surprise hiding within. If you don't believe me, ask her for a tarot reading. I'm quite sure you'll be in for a treat. She is one I will enjoy seeing how she progresses through the challenges yet to come." - Valen Cross
  • "Wiser than her name suggests. And strong too. She also likes my coffee, no, that is not double meaning. Maybe for next name, she is call Ristretto, because she packs a punch." - Zoya Petrova
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  • She is addicted to Starbucks and coffee. She can't pass by w/o getting at least one cup.
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OOC Information

Player: Denise Lilly

Player Email:

Storyteller: Cali, Virtual VST

Storyteller Email:

Location: Puerto Rico



Charlotte J. Mason

188 25th St NW,

Canton, OH 44709

Mother's maiden name Isbell

SSN 504-80-XXXX

Birthday April 3, 1992

Age 24 years old

Tropical zodiac Aries

Email Address

Company The Keep

Occupation Gaming dealer


Height 5' 3" (160 centimeters)

Weight 121.1 pounds (54.8847 kilograms)

Blood type A+

Favorite color Red

Vehicle 1996 Dodge Sundance