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Stardustmarker.png She is on the run from her home world
Stardustmarker.png Nothing she says is true
Stardustmarker.png Exists only in your dreams, yes yours.
Stardustmarker.png You can kind of see the stars of the constellations she was in her eyes.
Stardustmarker.png She flirts like the sky full of stars to someone who has only lived in the city
Stardustmarker.png She seems to have a thing for scars.
Stardustmarker.png She isn't actually a changeling. She has a chameleon package that changes her skin like that.
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Stardustmarker.png She was the voice in the darkness that kept me from going insane. Someday I will remember and be able to truly thank her. - Calli
Stardustmarker.png "It feels like a lifetime since I saw her. But the memory of that voice, those stars, nothing could take that away. Not even Them." - Ehroth
Stardustmarker.png "This one is uncertain of her motives. She is kind and warm, but this one has seen those tactics before." - Designation T1A-W01F
Stardustmarker.png "I like her. A lot." - Brutus Leonin
Stardustmarker.png "Her and Pepper are adorable, TumTum and I found some new besties!" - PIXIE!
Stardustmarker.png "She has been very helpful since the day I arrived to the system, I continue to look forward to conversations with her in all sorts of subjects." - Electric Awoogaloo
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Stardust has had this adorable creature sent to her by a fan. She's not entirely sure who would part with such a darling creature, but she is certainly happy to have the little guy in her life. She's named her Pepper.



Stardustmarker.png Notable Traits: Her eyes show the stars. She has an undeniable Presence. (Presence 5) Her looks are startling and striking. (Striking Looks 2) She spends most of her time in her Mien and not her Mask. She has begun starring in a talk show and is well known in her mien around the station.
Stardustmarker.png Society: Nebula Fairest Bright One
Stardustmarker.png Home Port: Yanzao
Stardustmarker.png Gender: Female
Stardustmarker.png Apparent Age: 23
Stardustmarker.png Height: 5' 4"
Stardustmarker.png Hair: Electric Blue
Stardustmarker.png Eyes: Blue

Stardustmarker.png 4062: December 21, Born in the outer reaches to a hard working family
Stardustmarker.png 4085: December 21, Taken to Arcadia where she was the constellations for her Master.
Stardustmarker.png 4115: Finally freed from the Hedge
Stardustmarker.png 4118: Arrives on Wayfinder
Stardustmarker.png 4119: Moves to Yanzao
Stardustmarker.png 4119: Starduat appears on the local talk show and makes a splash, earning her own late night spot and becoming somewhat of a celebrity.

Stardustmarker.png Ehroth
Stardustmarker.png Designation T1A-W01F
Stardustmarker.png Brutus
Stardustmarker.png Pixie
Stardustmarker.png Adley
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Stardust's Soundtrack

Stardustmarker.png "Tempted" by Squeeze
Stardustmarker.png "Far From Home" by Sam Tinnesz
Stardustmarker.png "Poison" by Alice Cooper
Stardustmarker.png "LoveGame" by Lady Gaga
Stardustmarker.png "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls
Stardustmarker.png "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" by Panic! At the Disco
Stardustmarker.png "Man or a Monster" by Sam Tinnesz and Sayde Wolf
Stardustmarker.png "Love's a Loaded Gun" by Alice Cooper
Stardustmarker.png "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga
Stardustmarker.png "Once Upon a December" by Christy Altomare
Stardustmarker.png "Burn" by Phillipa Soo (Hamilton)
Stardustmarker.png "Take Me or Leave Me" by Idina Menzel and Tracie Thomas (RENT)
Stardustmarker.png "Legends are Made" by Sam Tinnesz

Player: Cali C.

Email: Hit me up.

Story Teller: Virtual Staff

Location: Clearwater, Fl