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Name: Starlight
Region: The Verge (Somni, Trajan)
Creature Type: Changeling
Seeming Elemental
Court Collapsar

Starlight is a young woman often seen wandering around her city. Her unkempt appearance and lack of footwear tend to lead to the assumption that she is some sort of vagabond, one she doesn't mind correcting. Often with a hardened mask, Starlight isn't publicly known as a changeling, but it usually comes out within the first few minutes of an interaction with someone of her type.

The few times her mien is visible, she appears to have galaxy-like clouds imposing on her figure, causing her hair to drift and sway. She has no feet or lower legs, and stars shine brightly in her eyes. A broken, bloody silver chain sometimes dangles from her chest, sometimes from her back, and her hands, visually, mildly painful to the touch without her mask. She bears no court mantle and a small amount of Collapsar Goodwill, darkening and slowing the air that she passes.

Courtless and outspoken about it, Starlight is uncomfortable of all things related to her new existence. Her time as a Collapsar, she says, reminded her of what it's like to be trapped in a way of thinking and being. As such, she's careful about who she reaches out to, realizing her rejection of pledges and other bindings probably worry or make other changelings uncomfortable- and she wants to respect that.


  • Starlight has never lost a race, and says she never will (so long as it’s on foot that is).
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  • "I like her! She seems very nice. I just hope things get better for her." - Madame Jane Petra
  • "Seems nice. Sure has a thing about werewolves. Overall good kid." - Eva Vexillifer-Petra
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OOC Information

Player Contact: Kya Harris US2015090022
Jonathan Nunley, VST Space San Diego
Art by Stella