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Shorthand Details

Stasya, Wendigo Lupus Theurge, Fostern of the Nation

  • Deed Names: Patience-of-Falling-Snow
  • Pack: None (formerly of the Old Dogs, formerly of Terrapin Pillar)
  • Home Sept: Sept of the Southern Crossroads, Oklahoma City

More Extensive Matters

Stasya's emergence into the Garou Nation occurred back in 2009 with her First Change, an event noticed by the Silver Fangs who then held territories in Siberia. She was an unexpected arrival -- no Kin line that they had tracked -- and though it seemed at first she might be initiated into the tribe that found her, divinations by the Theurges of the tribe sent her instead to the United States, to the Wendigo whom they believed were her true relatives. The Wendigo received her warily, initially certain of some trickery, but Stasya proved to be worthy of carrying her tribe's spirit, and was initiated with full honors as a Cliath in 2011.

While Stasya issued a successful challenge to Fostern two years later, she made few waves in the Nation until 2017, where she joined the Sept of the Southern Crossroads outside Oklahoma City. She briefly served as the sept's Warder in 2018 until an injury sidelined her for several months. Her first major return to action was to assist the Sept of Storm's Shelter in late October 2019 with the cleansing and eradication of the Black Spiral pit in the area.

Under the alias Tonya Stumblingbear, Stasya also manages a small herbalism shop, with a mortal clientele consisting mostly of hippies and alternative-medicine types.

General Gear

Stasya tends to travel lightly, but does carry a recurve hunting bow and arrows in addition to various and sundry ritual kit that makes an appearance whenever she needs to do more extensive spiritual work, and a small array of herbal medicine talens.


  • "I've never met a Wendigo I didn't like. This one's got a refreshingly open mind, and I hear she plays the drums, too." - 'Spector
  • "Lizzy has been wanting to start a new project, and we do need a new percussionist . . ." - Alex Drake
  • whatever (whoever)

OOC Information

Player: Chris Box, jarickcwal @t

Storyteller: okc.apocalypse @t

Location: Oklahoma City