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Commonly Known
Name: Stefan Hoffman

Clan: Nosferatu

Lineage: Myerscough

Sect: Camarilla

Position: None, verbal sparring partner to Prince Reginald Cornelius Jackson III of Boston

Status: Acknowledged - Confirmed

Notable Traits: Stefan is hunchbacked and walks with a noticeable limp. His eyes glow an eerie green. The smell of fresh earth follows him. Woe be unto the Kindred he discovers feeding from children - he is extremely protective of the young innocents.


1717 - Düsseldorf, Germany - Born to Manfred and Giselda Hoffman.
1737 - Banja Luka, Bosnia - mortally wounded in combat against the Dutch & embraced into the Nosferatu.
1800 - Paris, France, - met and began travelling with Elder Toreador Madeline Deveraux to North America.
1840-1865 - Southeast United States, seperately encountered Malkavian prophetesses Helena Locke and Quinntessence Locke, as well as loremaster Ailis Cárthach. Ties of friendship are established with the three Malkaivans.
1890 - Boston, MA
1970 - Journeys south again to reconnect with friends and meets Wren Hollis of the Nosferatu. The two share interests and soon part company, but remain in contact.
Nights of Turmoil - rescued Tremere Rowena O'Shea from Sabbat marauders in Boston
2015 - journeyed to the Pacific Northwest on a fact-finding mission with Brujah Meg Sloan. Details on events that followed are sketchy.

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  • Twenty years ago, a young girl received one of Stefan's toys and barely spotted him leaving the building. Quick on her feet, she grabbed the clockwork dog and raced after him, only to find the alley he had entered empty. The stories of “Uncle Alley,” giver of gifts and protector of the young, arose soon after and endure to this day.
  • During the Week of Broken Masks, Stefan left numerous toys strewn across the windowsills of naughty Bostonian children.
  • Around the time of Broken Masks, Stefan and his sire had a falling out. His sire later perished in a hospital fire attempting to save some of the patients inside. Stefan blamed himself for his sire's demise - or had, until he recently received a letter from him.
  • Stefan's Haven is among the realm of the City Below. The architecture beneath is maddeningly captivating. It is said that mysterious creatures lurk in its depths.
  • Stefan is a member of Warwick's New Status Quo.
  • Stefan supported Marlow for his criticism of Justicar Warwick’s treachery to Clan Nosferatu.
  • Stefan is a member of Marlow's Conservatives.
  • The Nosferatu has recently traveled across the Canadian border, answering a call from a member of his clan. He was not alone, nor was he unrewarded for his efforts.
  • Few records exist of Stefan before his be honest, very few records exist of him at all, of any type.
  • Stefan always seems to know more than he should.
  • Stefan may have had a hand in the Final Death of a Prince of the Western United States.
  • Stefan takes a personal interest in the death of any child within his home domain, regardless of circumstance. He is currently searching for those responsible for the death of his childe - and the means of exacting just retribution.
  • Perhaps alone of the Kindred of Boston, Stefan has received and accepted an invitation to Martha's Vineyard.

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  • I have seen him in a dream, a gifting bird hidden amongst the shadows. He spoke to me and I heard him even when he was not there. There is something for him outside of the darkness - did you know? - Helena Locke
  • An excellent gentleman, if you're lucky enough to receive his hospitality. I would never pass through Boston without saying hello to Stefan... It would simply be unwise. - Mara Nordahl
  • I am quite certain I never met the fellow. But with as with all Nosferatu I cannot truly say i have never been in his presence. - Reverend Gideon Haven
  • Stefan is a rare creature, he possesses a beauty no one outside clan Nosferatu could truly understand. On a personal note, his toys are some of my absolute favorite things. - Holly Wood
  • 'Tell my Uncle I'm ok.. Tell my Uncle I'm ok.. Tell my Uncle Alley I'm ok now.' the little girl's spirit hounded me for days when I walked downtown. I find it ironic that other vampires look upon him and see a misshapen monster.. yet children have come to know him as their protector. I wonder what that says about his Soul. I wonder what that says about Yours. - Doyen Adamo Giovanni
  • It was such a shame we had to meet under such tragic circumstances, but I think that Mr Hoffman and I ended on amiable terms. The speech he gave at the grave site was touching and the little toy boat he left at the headstone was immaculately crafted. It really was too bad that the time of that boy's greatest need occurred when his savior couldn't have possibly come to his rescue. - Rhiannon Byrd

Acquaintances / Allies
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Familiar Taste of Poison -Halestorm
Way Beyond Empty -Zakk Wylde
Riddle Box -Insane Clown Posse
Enter Sandman -Metallica
Sail -Awolnation
Deception -Cruxshadows
I'm In Love With A Monster - Fifth Harmony
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