Stellan Cass

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This Character Has Been Retired

Commonly Known Information

Name: Stellan Cass

Type: Wizened Changeling

Character Type Subgroup: Court of the Nova

Union: Explorer's Union


Stellan is remarkably tight lipped about his past, which he claims is as uninteresting as a Changeling's can be. Most notably, he admits to being born in the Core and schooled on Myu. Mostly, he seem bitter about his inability to return home.

He is a recent arrival to Ida mark 3, claiming to be on a contract from the Explorer's Guild to do research on the various bio-luminescent algae that grow on the cavernous planet.

Physical Description


Stellan appears to most as fair skinned middle aged man with few defining features beyond a head full of shaggy hair. He is often seen with a set of welding goggles and various scientific tools hanging from his waist... or are those guns?


To those who can see past his reflexive illusions, Stellan can best be described as a red scaled lizard man. Upon very close inspection, the scales actually appear to made out of some form of metal. Oh yeah, and those are most definitely hedgespun tokens hanging from his waist.


The air around Stellan tends to be a few degrees warmer than usual. Those who can see his mein also can occasionally see ripples of heat rising from his scales.


  • What does a scientist need those guns for?
  • Is it just me, or does he seem kind of proud to be a Changeling?
  • He's clearly allergic to hugs and kindness.
  • Feel free to add!


  • Feel free to add!

OOC Information

Player: Andrew Collins

Player Email:

Storyteller: Raina Bonner

Storyteller Email:

Location: Western Mass