Stephan Makiaveli

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Stephan Makiaveli

Notable Traits: Sociopathic, Rarely speaks bluntly, a tad insolent.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Malkavian


Stephan Makiaveli, 50 year old (24 turned) Malkavian Neonate. Spent much of his mortal life and most of his unlife to date in Portland, Oregon. As a mortal he learned to lie, cheat and steal from his father, a career criminal. When his father was taken away, Stephan looked towards more honest work, but fate ordained otherwise.

In the days following his search for honest employment, he was embraced by a Malkavian. He came to hate his sire, as the two did not work on the same mental level, from Stephan's perspective, at least. When the call came out to travel to Saint John, he took the chance, leaving his sire and their Ghoul, Sami, behind.

His sire has since sent Sami to Saint John to keep an eye on Stephan, as he builds his influence within the russian mafia and makes a name for himself smugling weaponry and drugs from overseas into the great port city.


  • Stephan cares more about the affairs or humans than anything involving the kindred
  • Stephan has abilities no other Malkavian has
  • Stephan wants people to be suspicious of him

OOC Information

Player: Dehl Simon Fudge

Player Email:

Storyteller: Vanessa Klohn & David Glassford

Storyteller Email:

Location: Saint John