Steven Altair

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Steven Altair

Notable Traits: *Ancilla" *Infamous Brood* *Tainted Embrace*

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Toreador


June 1809 - Steven is embraced into the Sabbat by a Ductus near New England

August 1853 - Steven defects from the Sabbat for the Camarilla. He is sponsored by Alamfrida, an Elder Ventrue of the Tower. This is likely the only reason he wasn't killed.

1853 to 2019 - Steven bounces from Domain to Domain, never leaving much of a mark. His contributions are often ignored, and any errors or lapses in judgement make him an easy and useful scapegoat. As a result, he never dares to stay any one place for any too long. Recently, he has found himself in the Domain of Nashville, TN.

February 2019 - Steven has recently taken interest in Kindred society at large, a sharp change from his lone black sheep routine. He has begun asking around in the City and the mailing lists for strange and rare lore.


"He's always in the front lines of any fight, but I swear I've never seen him throw a punch."

"People don't just leave the Sabbat that easily, I don't trust him. Something's not right."

"He definitely diablerized an elder when he was with the Sabbat, Ancillae can't get hit like that."

"He doesn't act like a former member of the Sabbat. I don't know, he just seemed real peaceful."

OOC Information

Player: Jordan Pugh

Player Email:

Storyteller: Chris Roberts

Storyteller Email: Location: Nashville, TN