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Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Auspice: Galliard
Pack: Vigiles Urbani
Sept: Sept of the Fallen Green
Rank: Adren
Breed: Lupus
Aliases: Swanson, Bright Eyes, Bellydragger



Vigiles Urbani

VigilisUrbani MetalFinish.png


The Urban Jungle


Alpha - Hollis "Hollow-point Teeth" Faraday - Throne, by Bring Me The Horizon
Beta - Johnny "Stoplight" Swanson
Member - Fiona "SageSight" Morales - The World Outside, by Eyes Set to Kill
Member - Nigel "Strongtalk" Daly - Ammunition, by Krewella
Member - Leon - Saturnz Bars, by Gorillaz ft. Popcaan

Blood Relatives

Father - Dances With Everybody - I’d Rather Your Star Explode, by Slaves

Chosen Family

The Sept of the Fallen Green.


Stoplight is a sweet, soft-spoken, thoughtful young Wolf; much quieter and shy than one would expect from a Garou born under the Gibbous Moon.

He has been with Sept since just before it fell, but hasn’t been seen as often in recent years due to his struggle with bouts of Harano. To this day, he is haunted by visions and vivid memories of so many of his loved ones, mentors, and friends dying brutal, ugly deaths all at once.

Today, he does his best to navigate "normal" (which to him means "how Homids and Human people live"). He works as a barista at a mom and pop coffee shop in crown Heights, Brooklyn and acts as MC for their weekly open mic nights.


Stoplight's a tall, scraggly looking hipster stereotype. Usually seen in deliberately distressed jeans, tee shirts, worn in sneakers, hoodies and beanies.


A mottled brown and grey Coywolf that, while still hungry looking and guarded, is a bit more on the larger side. This makes it easier to be mistaken for a pure bred Wolf upon first glance



  • 3/10/06 - Born under a bridge in Queens
  • 4/15/08 - First Change
  • 2/1/09 - Johnny is formally accepted by the Bone Gnawers. Becomes Cliath; renamed “Bright Eyes” (for his enthusiastic tale crafting during his Rite of Passage)
  • 6/21/09 - Attack on Central Park. Johnny survives, but is traumatized after witnessing nearly all of his mentors and friends being killed
  • 7/5/2011 - Johnny becomes Fostern
  • 2012 - Nancy Kilpatrick leads a small delegation to retrieve the Shard that will be used to build the new Sept of the Fallen Green. Johnny comes along. When they get back, Johnny is renamed “Stoplight”, for helping everyone keep their rage in check throughout the journey there and back.
  • 1/25/15 - Johnny becomes Adren
  • 6/2015 – Johnny Swanson, Hollis Faraday, and Nigel Daly officially form the Vigiles Urbani Pack
Coydog by vultureculturecoyote.jpg

  • "Your quote here." - Character Name
  • "Stoplight is quiet because when he speaks others really listen." - Leon


  • Johnny's not a real Werewolf, but a Nuwisha in disguise.
  • He can beatbox in lupus.