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Tribe: Glasswalker

  • Heroic Lineage: Roger Daly

Auspice: Theurge
Pack: Vigiles Urbani
Sept: Sept of the Fallen Green
Title: Master of Rites
Rank: Adren
Breed: Lupus
Innate Renown: 1 Glory, 1 Wisdom, 1 Honor
Abiding Renown: 1 Wisdom, 1 Honor
Fleeting Renown: 2 Glory, 2 Wisdom, 1 Honor



Player: Ilan N
Member #: US2010096642
Storyteller: John C
Coordinator: Abby Estes
Other PCs: Kyle Morgan - VtM, Nour - Space


Theme: Bleach
Theurge: I Made A Promise to the Moon
The Weaver: Native Puppy Love
Humanity: Pop Culture


  • March 2012 – Longhowl is born (along with his littermates, Fleetpaw, Wasp, Chiptooth, Stripe, and Sharpclaws) in a small Glasswalker owned preserve in upstate New York.
  • November 2014 - Longhowl has his First Change when hired goons from Pentex find the preserve, killing Sharpclaws before Longhowl kills some of them in his rage, and the Glasswalker kinfolk on duty kill the rest.
  • November 2014 - Longhowl is given the name “Nigel Daly” and meets his father in person for the first time.
  • December 2014 – Nigel's father shows up to Hollis "Hollow-point Teeth" Faraday’s apartment after a very awkward phone call and drops him off to keep him safe. A piece of land is bought up in Long Island, and the pack is moved there.
  • December 2014 - Nigel meets Jen Ahlberg as she goes through her Bite sickness, and the two become fast friends.
  • January 2015 - Nigel joins the Sept of the Green.
  • February 2015 - An unofficial pack is formed between Johnny "Stoplight" Swanson, Hollis, Nigel, and Jen "Ex Machina".
  • June 2015 - Jen announces that she will be leaving soon to move to PR and make her own path.
  • June 2015 - Johnny Swanson, Hollis Faraday, and Nigel make it Official, and form a formal pack, allying with the totem of the Urban Jungle.
  • August 2015 - Jen moves to PR.
  • September 2015 - Nigel earns Cliath Rank and his deedname “StrongTalk” after convincing a Wyld and Weaver spirit to work together to help a nearby park flourish.
  • April 2016 - Fiona "SageSight" Morales joins the pack.
  • September 2016- Leon joins the pack.
  • November 2016 - StrongTalk earns Fostern Rank after getting a number of Weaver spirits to help calcify the Gauntlet around a small group of Bane spirits---giving the pack time to take on the Banes without having to worry about humans getting hurt.
  • January 2017 - StrongTalk gives Jen her Fostern Challenge.


Quick to question, StrongTalk rarely takes things at face value and is slow to trust. An avid reader, he has voraciously taken in the technical knowledge of human culture and society. Awkward and uncomfortable with his still too-new human form, he is far more adept at dealing with spirits rather than the humans as his tribe is known for. A strong supporter of the Weaver, StrongTalk is well known for his rapport with spirits and his earnest desire to help restore true balance to the triat.



After being told that human clothing was a form of communication, he has taken care to dress impeccably when in human form. He keeps his hair short and a closely trimmed beard.


StrongTalk takes after his mother, with the coloration and body type of a Northeastern gray wolf.



Vigiles Urbani

VigilisUrbani MetalFinish.png


The Urban Jungle


Alpha - Hollis "Hollow-point Teeth" Faraday
Beta - Johnny "Stoplight" Swanson
Member - Fiona "SageSight" Morales
Member - Leon "Quietfoot"
Member - Ethan "Rebar" Stein

Blood Relatives

Father - Roger Daly, Tribal Councilor of the Glasswalkers
Mother - Softnose, a wolf.
Littermates - Sharpclaws (deceased), Chiptooth, Stripe, Fleetpaw, and Wasp

Chosen Family

Jen "Ex Machina" Ahlberg


  • "I was born to bring the Wyld and Weaver together. I can only hope I live up to the task." - StrongTalk
  • "StrongTalk is earnest, and straightforward. Really, really straightforward. Look, if you're looking for tact you went to the wrong Garou, okay? But that forthrightness is part of what I love about him." - Jen 'Ex Machina' Ahlberg
  • "He's one of those awesome Lupus you don't catch sniffing their own butts. I am being metaphorical, not racist!" - Jo Fay-Blair
  • "For a young lupus born, his strength is in diplomacy, of which he excels. I like this one." - Sylvi Anker
  • "He's a good check on me, and I hope I'm a good check on him. At the least, we work well together - complimentary cogs in the machine." - Hollis Faraday
  • "Maybe he'll learn as much from me as I learned from him today." - Haunts-the-Forest
  • "Glass Walker Lupus are the only hope I have for that Tribe. StrongTalk is part of that hope. If his path continues in its course, Cockroach's Children have a chance." - Duskcaller
  • "He is the heart of our pack." - Leon
  • "StrongTalk you've really come a long way from the newly changed cub I saw when we first met. You've got strength of purpose and savvy enough to accomplish great things in the Nation. But you know what I appreciate about you the most? Your compassion. Thanks for the extra shirt by the way. I'll have the blood dry-cleaned out and mailed back to you soon." - Cat
  • "A young garou that holds much promise. It was a pleasure to share my wisdom with him. I look forward to watching this rising star reach new heights." - Clickbait Luciano
  • "Although we are at cross-purposes, he is worthy of respect. He does what he thinks is right." - Momo
  • "Inquisitive. Polite. Respectful. If more of his family were like him we'd have defeated the Wyrm long ago." - 'Spector
  • "StrongTalk is a sound leader. I only hope that I was able to help him, and the Nation, under his guidance at the Wedding." - Keeper of Ambrosia
  • "Your quote here." - Character Name


  • Is a homid pretending to be a Lupus.
  • Isn't really Roger Daly's son, just a pawn to redirect Pentex from Daly.
  • Is dating his computer.
    • Is dating all computers?
      • No, he has a computer wife named Karen.