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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest -Benjamin Franklin

Nails Clicking the Keys

Sully's style of dress is stuck in the casual 90s right down because despite the push forward in technology - jeans, sneakers and button ups always remain in fashion. With his mask up, he looks to be a 30-something man wearing dark sunglasses. With the mask down, his skin takes on a greenish palour of something sitting in water too long. Even more disturbing is the second set of eyes on his face which he tends to hide with his sunglasses.


A recent arrival to Phoenix as of 2017, Sully seems to only be here at the behest of the The Conductor. Whether it was through boons, good cheer or blantant lies, the Wisconsin native made the trek to the Southwest and began to integrate himself into the Valley of the Sun.


Current standing within the Camarilla

* - Acknowledged as a Nosferatu & member of the Camarilla

Social Media Bullshit

Rumors, lies, half-truths; or things that may be entirely true - it's hard to say...

* He is actualy older than he claims to be
* He lies...a lot.
* He doesn't believe in the Cam rhetoric and is secretly an Anarch
* He only believes in Clan Nosferatu and nothing more
* He is here because The Conductor called in a Blood Boon for god knows what


Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Nosferatu
Family: Unknown
Position: None
Sire: Unknown
Generation: Neonate
Lineage: Unknown
Bloodline: Unknown

OOC Information

Player: Anthony F
Email: Email Me
Location: Arizona
Storyteller: Wade Yorke
Contact: DMH C/A VST