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Lose My Mind, Find My Soul

Once upon a tree top, Blazes in Summer was well known for her ability to break any code and deliver any message. That was until there was a battle so fearsome it shook the trees. Summer must have slipped, landing beak first with a smack. At least, that what she tells herself. Actually, she doesn't remember. All she knows is that she's from the Gulf Coast and a fumbled secret message led to her current circumstance. And the only reason she knows that much is because she has a ghost yelling at her about it.

Wandering, unsure of where to go or where she last nested, she eventually landed at an Alpha Sigma Sigma frat party. Sensing the pack of Fera, led by a Nuwisha named Coyote Ugly, she let her curiosity get the better of her. She took a toke off a joint, and for one precious moment, the ghost quieted. Or maybe she just didn't care because she was high. Regardless, without her memories from before, this is all she knows - Greek Life. In a way, a simpler life.

While she should be trying to find out about what really happened, she doesn't want to, and so treats every day like it's Spring Break on Miami Beach.





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OOC Information

Player: Rachel Geist

MES Number: US2005063548

Storyteller: G$

Location: Miami, FL

Other PCs: Irma Kardos, Rosa Lopez