Summer Sky "Nevertheless She Persisted" Harper

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Summer Sky Harper

Deed Name: Nevertheless She Persisted

Notable Traits: Tends to hop from place to place and shift her weight often. Fidgets. Is actively drawn to shiny things. Operates in short, clipped sentences. Wears a lot of black. Mutters "work" when anxious. Sings; badly. Seriously, she's a Corax.


Society: Hahahahaha, you fool, she's Fera.

Sept: Sept of the Hidden Spring


Summer arrived in the Sept this spring pretty directly after her change, and is still reeling from the First Change into "a bird monster" in adolescence. That Change cost her nearly everything in her life in a big, tangible way, and she's still rushing to fill the voids where friends, family, apartment, school, hobbies, and lifelong passions used to be. As far as local garou and fera are concerned, she's been doing almost everything in her power to figure out where the boundaries are and how firm those are. Summer has bonded firmly with several Ragabash and also some notable kinfolk; not all of them have survived the last few months.


  • "She's an excitable little bird, isn't she." - Thomas_"Shade_Seeker"_Whitington
  • "Summer has a very good heart. That isn't to say sometimes it doesn't mean you want to wring her neck and get her to be quiet. But I will do my best to help her learn the tales of her people and ours." - Shoulder's the Burden
  • "She performs her function more than adequately. I have no doubt she will fly to great heights. Perhaps, I'll help her evade the fate of Icarus. We'll see." - Josiah
  • "Ah, little bird. I do enjoy watching you soar." - Tsomo
  • "Who needs a workout plan, just try keeping up with her for 45 minutes" - Benny Boyd


  • She's one of the only shifters allowed anywhere near the Kinfolk.
  • Apparently she went on missions as a cub. Seriously.
  • Got herself mixed up with the wrong side of human law. She should choose her friends better.
  • She made the Margrave laugh? For real?
  • Careful man, I hear the birds always know more than they say
  • Rumor here.

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