Sunborn Shadow

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Alexis Minnowa "Sunborn Shadow"
Auspice: Ahroun/Daylight
Rank: Athro/Ilani
Pack: Apex Mediocrity
Sept: The Sept of Huvarshta

Notable Traits

Mark of the Predator


Sunborn is a wanderer, a back country botanist ranging up and down the coast of California and into Nevada, but rarely (if ever) stopping at Septs. She checks in at the Sept her Pack calls home regularly these days though, so if you're looking for her that's the best place to start. She spends most of her time haunting the back country, dealing with poachers and Asura (Wyrm) or Rajah (Weaver) caused mischief as she's able. She's known to be standoffish and sharp around Garou, but around other Bastet (or other Fera or Kinfolk she considers a friend) she's usually relaxed and friendly, happy to talk story and stay a while to catch the news. She's generally thought to be Daylight (Ahroun) Pryio (Auspice), but she works with Jamak (Spirits) so fluidly there's been speculation that she may be Night (Theurge) Pryio.

In her monkeyskin she's uncomfortably predatory for an omnivorous world and her social ticks are as much puma as woman; she lounges where she will and bares her teeth when she yawns, with the sharp edge of a predator's fangs. Humans tend to avoid her company and get uncomfortable quickly in enclosed spaces with her, which is just fine with her - she spends as little time in human buildings as possible.


  • She was raised by mountain lions and never learned to eat human food
  • She used to hunt coyotes for sport
  • Vampires killed her kinfolk, that's where she gets her hatred of nightwalkers
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  • "Sunborn Shadow sees with a hard-edged clarity that smells of hot rocks and dry grasses and old, old memories. I like her. Sometimes I think she tolerates that, sometimes I think she doesn't care, and sometimes I think she tries very hard to make sure people don't like her... but any of those is interesting." - Lines of Light
  • "She is the Abbot to my Costello, the Simon to my Garfunkel. She's far more talented than me is what I am saying, all right?!" - Elijah "Wicked Laughter" Grayson


Musical Inspirations

in younger days, before scars turned the gray to white

OOC Information

Player: M. Noel US2002034955
Storyteller: Tristan Turner
Location: Rohnert Park, CA