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Character Details

Name: Chin-Sun aka Sunny

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 25

Clan: Malkavian

Lineage: Isharu

Sect: Camarilla

City: Santo Domingo



Sunny is half Korean & half American though it seems she favors her mother's Korean side over her father's American. She has been known to change her hair color like the seasons but seems to currently be preferring either her natural black or light brown. Of course, the most notable thing would be her tattoos. Many different ones litter her body and none seem to have much connection to another.


Sunny is definitely what other's would class a young kindred. Having grown up in more modern times and her being a Technopagan she can seem a little obsessed when it comes to technology and modern ways of living. Despite this modern futuristic view she also enjoys discussing anything dealing with the Occult or magic. Owning her own Occult supply store she has a head for business and can come across slightly headstrong at times. She is very approachable and talkative though she does prefer email & text to actual verbal conversations. So she is rarely seen outside of her haven.

Time Line

♦ 1973 - Born in Korea.

♦ 1975 - Moves to America.

♦ 1991 - Attends Business School.

♦ 1998 - Embraced.

♦ 2009 - Leaves Accounting.

♦ 2010 - Opens online business : The Hearth.

♦ 2014 - Meets Phoenix her best friend and favorite customer.

♦ 2015 - Meets Xavier LaRoux The best grandpa in the world! and goes on tour to find aliens.

♦ 2018 - Moves to Santo Domingo with her best friend Phoenix

The Hearth

The Hearth is Sunny's online business. The one-stop place for all your Occult supplies. Of course, everything is confidential and discreet and only special clientele may have access to her special stock. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year you can place an order and it can be shipped overnight if needed. No questions asked.

Associates / Rivals

Jenny Masterson


Grandpa X

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♦ She has connections everywhere & I mean everywhere.

♦ I'm sure she is a Tzimisce... I mean someone who can handle magic like that has to be.

♦ Don't let her young age fool you. That woman has a head for business.

♦ There's a reason she's not scared of the shadows.

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♦"The Moon led me to talk to her, at first I did not know why. But within mere moments of us conversing, I understood. Sunny speaks to me on so many levels, it is refreshing and warming to meet such a soul, I foresee us being firm friends." - Jenny

♦"She makes me laugh, and she makes me think. She's going to be a wonderful companion in the future, I know it." - Angela

♦"She's my best friend, and one of the few Kindred I've met who didn't give a crap about my being Clanless." - Phoenix

♦"Hey she is my sunshine okay? Okay! Aliens dont you dare fuck with her! I will fuck you sideways if you mess with my grandaughter Sunny! - X

♦ "A lost child in need of guidance, living in a broken world. My heart goes out to her." - Ailis Cárthach

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OOC Information

Player: Kate W US2017060093

Player Email: Email Me

Virtual MES VST Email: VST Email

Location: Dominican Republic MES Virtual

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