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รยгŦ คภ๔ ՇยгŦ

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The Beginning

In the Month of January, I sent a message over the Greater Sending, about the Hive of Puerto Rico. Seeking aid for the locals of the Sept of Gathering Tides. They needed to be scouted but most importantly, they would need combatants when the time to attack came. This Hive functioned on the coast, which dwelled not but a leisure swim from the Grotto of Renewed Fury.

We could not risk its taint to reach our beloved Grotto in the waters north. I had learned there were tunnels into the waters from the Hive. It rivaled the size of the local Sept but they had pets and other minions of Qyrl in the bowels of the pit.

When I learned of the date, I called forward, and so Razortooth, the Undying of the Deeps, Voice of the Un-Sea, our Leviathan, made a call to arms of the Rokea to battle within the watery confines of this foul nest.

The call to arms for the Rokea was met, not just by Rokea, but two Garou as well.

I name these figures within my tale:
Razortooth, the Undying of the Deeps, Voice of the Un-Sea, Apex of the Last Bastion of Light’s Keep, Brightwater
Jon Lu, Swims the Past Forgotten in the Cold Sea, Master of Challenges and Den Parent of the Sept of Relentless Pursuit, Darkwater
Ocean’s Fury in the Open Sea, Qyrlfoe of the Sept of Traveller’s Respite, Brightwater
Undertow of Pain in the Shallows, Brightwater, now known as Devourer of Q'yrl's Children in the Open Sea
Celeste Gibson, Adren, Child of Gaia, Ritesmistress of the Sept of Relentless Pursuit, Theurge
Muertow, Plans Fights with Excel, Athro, Fianna, Ahroun, Wyrmfoe of the Sept of Relentless Pursuit
Myself, Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened on the Surface, Dimwater

Arriving to the Hive’s Tunnels and a Challenge of Rank

The day came and the waters of the Gulf came alive with the presence of Sea’s Guardians. Razortooth, Ocean’s Fury and myself gathered above the location of the first tunnel, greeted by Undertow of Pain, the local Rokea to the waters. Not too long after, Jon Lu arrived, with two of his packmates attached to his fin like alien remora. Sendings of greeting and anticipation, hunt and hunger, laced with some uneasiness.

“More jaws for the hunt!” came the familiar sending from the large leviathan of a shark. Nearly forty feet long. Our Voice of the Un-Sea, eager to begin.

Then through the sending, a call of challenge. Undertow of Pain challenged to seek his worth once more. Ocean’s Fury answered the call.

"Then it will accept your challenge. Our laws state to survive and to hunt that which endangers Kun. There will be many dangers today, assist other Rokea to survive and slay as many as you can in the name of Kun. Do this and you can swim the Open Seas.”

Undertow of Pain roared in acceptance of the challenge.

I took Celeste upon my dorsal fin, as I had not the goal to engage in physical battle, so it would keep her a safe distance, but close enough to others should they need healing or assistance.

Thunderwyrm of the Deep

These are as simple as I can put these sendings into words when it is more complex than that. It is emotion, visions, a tingle in the senses. The sight to behold as well as sharks the size of prehistoric or Lovecraftian nightmares. Ranging from twenty feet to forty, with maws gaping, contorted teeth and twisted maws. Ocean’s Fury slowly circles the water in his further mutated standing jaws form with wicked teeth, rocky carapace and tightened muscles.

Those with them will feel the familiar knock mentally of someone requesting to enter. Mind Web, for those that cannot understand Sending, to allow the Garou to remain in communication while in the Hive and underwater. We knew of two tunnels but chose to enter the more shallow tunnel, closest to the surface. It is a smaller tunnel, wide enough for one Fighting Jaws Rokea to fit at a time. But from the information that had been gathered, we knew it gets a little wider as it nears the Hive itself.

Circling in a wide circle before the group begins swimming towards the hole they are to delve into, Razortooth ever the hunter and ever the opportunist heads in first. For he leads and we follow within his slipstream. Razortooth, sends of Thunderwyrm's he has heard as if to compare the noises for the others, though these roars were the death throes. "Sounds familiar enough to be Thunderwyrm!" He says over the mindweb to ensure Meurto and Cele could hear.

I confirm it is a Thunderwyrm, one of aquatic types. Many are not heard of but we have encountered many before, possibly beasts released from ice, born recently and anew, something to learn later.

“Do we seek it before the Hive?” Undertow of Pain says but Razortooth had already turned into the tunnel to follow the source of the noise.

Of course, Muertow speaks over mind web, "This isn't my hunt but... does leaving to hunt the Thunderwyrm endanger the rest of the divers?"

None answered.

When we swam through the initially-claustrophobic tightness of the shallow tunnel, one could start seeing eerie glowing in the gloom of the water. The walls of the tunnel have what looks like sponges that are glowing sickly green with Wyrm Taint. Then we came upon the intersection of the two tunnels. One heads on a gentle slope upward, toward the Hive itself. The other heads downward.

It is decided to engage the Thunderwyrm, to prevent it from leaving the Hive’s water tunnel. The roaring grew steadily louder the closer we got. Even those without Wolf Senses can hear it now, sounding out regularly as if it uses the roars to find its way around in the water. The tunnel opens up into an immense underwater cavern, the walls continuing to give off that sickly green glow. The gloom eats up the light quickly, but the bottom of the cavern seems to have a collected pool of Wyrm-Tainted water that itself has that green light.

Barely visible in the gloom is a long, undulating shape. It has hook-like appendages in the front of its face, giving it a more terrifying appearance.

Upon seeing the Thunderwyrm, Razortooth bolsters his speed and he charges headlong at the beast, both to close the gap and bite the beast, but also to clear the way for his compatriots.

The Thunderwyrm twists in the water, turning toward these challengers. It gives a louder roar this time, opening the hook-like appendages wide as it charges at Razortooth, closing the rest of the gap between them. Like mighty titans clashing.

Undertow of Pain was swiftly behind Razortooth, also bolstering his speed to join in quickly to lash out at the giant hell beast but the creature manages to twist out of the way of his massive jaws.

A sending… “Shall I confuse it? Seems to have worked well before.”

Ocean’s Fury joined the other two, as all Brightwaters do. Sinking a bite into the hide of the creature and locking his jaws like a steel trap.

There were strange and yet calming sendings coming from Dances in the Twilight Waves, visibly the Thunderwyrm seems less rage-filled than it was. Taking some of its rage away.

The monster thrashes in the grip of those jaws... but is unable to break free. At first. Then it thrashes with more vigor, and it pulls free. And part of its flesh remains in Ocean's Fury's jaws, but clearly, Ocean’s Fury liked the taste, since he bit it again. The monster pulls back a few paces and its wounds begin to knit closed as it heals itself. Ocean's Fury quickly lashes out again and again tearing into the flesh of the Thunderwyrm with his serrated spiral teeth. Jon Lu swims up into the fray and slams head first into the side of the creature. His massive jaws rip into it and latch deeply into its flesh, with the grip of death.

Razortooth roared at the creature, attempting to afflict it with the bends but the beast was well armored against such an attack. Muertow stuck at the Thunderwyrm, as he does, his skin ripples and hardens. A glowing blue essence trails from Dances in the Twilight Waves to Ocean’s Fury, refueling the gnosis of the Brightwater to continue his attacks.

This thing has had a really bad day. It's been bitten. It's been caught up in giant shark jaws. It looks bad. It tries to squirm away one final time from Jon Lu... and half of it makes it out. The other half keeps dangling from the jaws of the massive shark, and both twitch about for a few seconds longer as it gives one last, weak roar. Jon Lu roars in triumph with the pieces of the monster falling from his mouth. Undertow of Pain joins in his brother's victory roar.

Ocean’s Fury sending to us, "Weak creature barely worth consuming."

Muertow looked vaguely disappointed. “I always figured they would last longer... Then again, with so many sharks....”

Razortooth swam over and bit down on the creature for good measure and thrashed as he began swimming up towards the hive, dragging the half of the wyrm with him. Claiming the head, thrashing and keeping the blood with them to prevent his rage from dropping back down, he heads up with the rest following closely after.

I too grab a portion of the fallen beast “Let us show them their precious pet!”

"We will break their spirit!" Razortooth says over the mind web, sendings of battle and triumph accompany this.

"We will rip their flesh!" Ocean’s Fury thunders with rage.

Poor Muertow, does his best impression of a remora and latches onto Jon Lu once more as we travel once again back towards the Hive. Celeste is still upon my fin.

See-Food Dinner

The tunnel became narrowed again as we exited the cavern where the Thunderwyrm hunted and resumed our hunt of the Hive. We swam for a few minutes, surrounded by that same green glow. We thought the color would be burned into our retinas by the time we were done in these waters.

The tunnel widened before us once again, leading to a large pool. We saw... several notable things. Firstly, what is clearly the body of a non-marine Thunderwyrm. It is bloated and massive, floating up at the surface of the pool we entered the bottom of. Secondly, there are three large crustaceans walking and swimming around the giant carcass, feeding from it. Two are heavily-armored in a thick carapace. One looks scabby and mutated, smaller than its companions and with smaller claws.

They had not noticed us yet.

"Kill or leave the scavengers for now..?” Ocean’s Fury asks.

Before answering, Razortooth jumps out of the water into standing jaws, still holding the thunderwyrm in his mouth but lets it drop when he lands. It was obvious, and the three creatures turned to them.

“Might as well cull them.” Razortooth states.

Jon Lu, Ocean’s Fury, and myself joined Razortooth’s side, in standing jaws form. Celeste, now out of the water, hopped down from my back but remained close to us. Muertow, also standing on the front lines with the Brightwaters, uses his gift to view the battle field, to keep everyone updated.

The crabs are engaged, they scuttle towards us who came out, brandishing their claws save for the smaller of the three. Ocean’s Fury’s rage ever climbing, we all engage. Undertow of Pain, remained in the water, went after the one there. The scuffle with them is a blur, so fast, as many of us were pumped with rage and moving faster than the two thick shelled crabs.

The thin one manages to disappear and reappear a bit further down the dead body of the surface Thunderwyrm, launching two balefire balls at the Brightwaters and Ahroun Garou. It is cut down quickly, Celeste topping everyone off, knitting their wounds together as we moved forward.

Pop Goes The Qyrl-minion!

The tunnel leads into the Hive, departing from the water, and into the darkness. It looked like a back exit tunnel, not often used but for entry into the water, it looked. The dead Thunderwyrm appeared more as trash left to decompose than anything else.

We all moved as one, the Brightwaters carrying parts of their kills in their mouth’s steaming the rage within them. Razortooth, carrying the head of the aquatic wyrm as his personal trophy and to break the resolve of the Black Spiral Dancers we may come across.

As the darkness closed in, we depended on our stronger senses and led the way. We could see Ocean’s Fury, even in this dark, teetering on the edge of Kunmind. As we neared a corner in the tunnel, Undertow of Pain paused and held his hand up. We all stopped, resuming communication within our minds.

As Undertow of Pain, marks in gesture of two and to his head.

“What is it?” I ask, over the web.

“Arguing about watching this tunnel.” Jon Lu replies.

“Can hear them talking in wyrm-tongue.” Undertow of Pain adds.

"THEN WE KILL THEM! EAT THEM WHOLE. WHY STOP?" Ocean’s Fury roars, barely restrained and looks as if he is about to fly down that hallway.

With that, I quickly blur myself, with Jon Lu and Muertow doing the same. We attempt to go forward to scout ahead.

“Fuck they heard us!” Undertow of Pain says over mind web.

“Four of them.” I inform them.

“We are losing tactical chances...they are coming, they heard us.” Jon Lu says.

"The Hunt Continues!" The words are in mind web but are echoed in his real voice in a guttural hiss as he holds up the Thunderwyrm's severed Head above his own.

"GOOD! COME, FIGHT! IT WILL CONSUME ALL OF YOU. IT HUNGERS!" Ocean’s Fury roars once more.

In the tunnel, a n extremely twisted humanoid with claws pointed at me and shouted, "There's one!" That one is promptly caught in the mouth of Ocean’s Fury when he charges forward, who got to taste disgusting poison tumors. The fomori started screaming obscenities.

Now we are all engaged. The Rokea and Muertow clash blows and bites with the group. One uses a gun and silver ammunition, but it is quickly taken out. When it seems our fighters would miss, Muertow would step in, through his gift, he parted the willpower for our fighters to land their attacks. The intensity of the fight now drew out the healing power of Celeste, who keeps our people going.

Then, it is time. Ocean’s Fury enters Kunmind, his eyes glossing over into pure black orbs and righteous, angry roars, begins tearing into the enemies with the ferocity of his rage. They tried to mentally and socially manipulate Ocean’s Fury’s rage, or force him into other forms, but Celeste, being near, intercepted the gifts, to prevent them from turning Ocean’s Fury on us. She shielded as much as she healed.

The formori were being mowed down, and seeing the end near, one formor explodes, leading to a chain reaction of the next and then the third. In the explosions, most of us were forced to rage heal, to prevent our healer from running out, and to remain conscious to continue the fight. The trio of explosions within the tunnel had blasted the walls and ceiling, becoming weak. There is a rumble before it collapsed. We were able to slide back, but the tunnel ahead caved in... leaving the badly-beaten Black Spiral Dancer trapped with us.

He looks at us, gulped, then dropped slowly down to his knees, hands up.

"... I surrender?" he tries in a small voice, panting.

Undertow of Pain roars with renewed vigor, Celeste, Muertow, Jon Lu joining in, accepting the surrender.

However, Ocean’s Fury, Razortooth and myself did not, for we accept little from Black Spiral Dancers.

The Spiral, known as Short-Straw, winced at all the roaring, muttering little curses under his breath as he cowered, hands still up.

Ocean’s Fury and myself, still rushing from battle and rage, snapped at the Dancer, several times while others interrogated him, I sought only to kill but eventually, we calmed and we stopped. Here we learned about some of the residents of the Hive, and this single Dancer left to our wishes.

However, he was given a choice to die or enter Eberus, and so he submitted to go to Eberus. He cringed at the notion he was going with us, through the water, to return for our victories, and our prisoner. And mentioned something of “I really did draw the short straw…”

Devourer of Qyrl's Children

With us all accepting his surrender to take back to the local Sept, one thing was left to complete.

Undertow of Pain turned to Ocean’s Fury, "Was I sufficient Ocean's Fury?"

Pleased, he responded, “Yes, You may swim the open seas. If you will take it let them know you as Devourer Of Qyrl's Children.”

Devourer of Q'yrl's Children roars "Thank you my Kun brethren. Thank you all for this hunt."

“Congratulations brother.” I say to him, “We continue to watch you gain your ranks with eagerness.”


There are still many details that must be looked into and further cleansing and cleaning to reclaim everything but the attack from the water side concluded with no losses and a prisoner. We are blessed to have all walked away from this battle. Our spirits are lifted and our time has come, we celebrate the victory in Sea and Gaia’s name.

Know our story, know that Garou and Rokea swam side by side, fought and bled, and conquered in the name of our Mother, together.

Sea guide you,

๔คภςєร เภ Շђє ՇฬเɭเﻮђՇ ฬคשєร, Շђє ยภ๒๏гภ คฬคкєภє๔
г๏кєค ๔เ๓ฬคՇєг ๏ภ Շђє รยгŦคςє

(Tapestry amended:
Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
Rokea Dimwater on the Surface
Paragon 4/7/20, Gallant 4/28/20)

OOC: Special thanks to all the players and ST over the scene with helping make the story happen.

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