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"Skeletons are the worst. They lurk inside our skin, waiting to jump out and use our computers, dance obscenely in graveyards, and wield enormous scythes. But even worse than a skeleton is a skeleton doctor. To be honest, I'm not even sure their licenses to practice medicine are legal." - "Skeleton Doctors are the Worst Doctors," Paperbacks from Hell, p.136

Commonly Known Information

Name: Susan Heidt

Notable Traits:

  • Path of Death and the Soul
  • Skin flayed from face.
  • Keeper of a Sacred Text
  • Has a pet skull named Brad, also wields a rune-etched femur, both of which often reside in a messenger bag.

Society: Sabbat

Clan: Harbringers of Skulls

Pack: Bell, Book & Candle

Positions: Bishop of Faith, Springfield Diocese


Character Summary: Susan is first and foremost, a seeker of knowledge and a scholar of Death. Before she came under Leukorion’s influence she was a research associate at Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, with a graduate thesis examining the preservation and destruction of records necromantic traditions in cultures. Curiosity and a drive to learn is what brought her to Leukorion (and look how that turned out), and continues to pull her in different directions in her undead life.


1975 - Born to Sarah and Michael Heidt in Central MA

Her family stayed in the same area through her childhood, but during her Undergraduate years her parents relocated to Florida. Following completion an Anthropology degree, she entered into Yale’s Library & Information Science Graduate program.

She was excited by advances in computer and internet technology, and what it promised for research. Her life was made up of late nights and little sleep, between research, work, and outings to the local Goth nights with friends.

2000 - While working as a research associate at the Beinecke, the Library began receiving a rather strange correspondence from an overseas researcher. Among other things the letters were written in an archaic script and language, which by chance Susan had some academic familiarity with. The exchanges were fascinating, the strange author sharing descriptions of his incredible personal manuscript collection and expressing deep interest in and even voicing contributions to her research topic studying the deliberate destruction of necromantic texts.

Eventually the opportunity to study these incredible texts, their odd rapport, and her curiosity got the better of her, and Susan took a trip to Turkey.

On meeting in person, Susan had little time for horrified shock at the visage of her correspondent, as Leukorion acted swiftly to ghoul her, tying her to him and rendering her receptive to his direction. Acting at the behest of Leukorion and his associates, she helped secure an old formerly Victorian mansion within the bounds of Westfield as a Haven. Leukorion and a Tzimisce Koldun came back to the states, joining the Sabbat once they had all settled in, and forming a pack along with a local Tzimisce known as Dr. Xavier Obertus Conrad.

On settling into their new home, Susan was given the opportunity to retrieve her work before the termination of her mortal life. When clearing out her files she came across the remains of a partially processed collection, one piece set aside for it’s particularly strange contents, but due to recent revelations about Canites and a world beyond what she knew, she realized the manuscript was not simply the ravings of a mad man, but a vital piece of Canite lore. Alone in the after-hours of the Library, she slipped the piece in with her notebooks and folders to present to Leukorion.

Leukorion, more familiar with Canite lore than his soon-to-be childe, recognized the manuscript for what it was, The Gospels of Irad and Adah, aghast that it had been so carelessly overlooked but pleased with Susan for taking it away, and allowing her to keep it for herself (Merit: Keeper of a Sacred Text). If she survived what came next.

In the cemetery neighboring their home, Susan was buried deep in the ground, forced to claw her way out before being fully embraced. The woman that emerged was changed from the woman who was buried, humanity tattered and the skin scraped from her hands, arms, and even face. But she made it out, and was fully Embraced.

Life as a Canite had a surprising number of similarities to her life before. Late hours, esoteric research, cranky research requests, though an altogether different type of bloodthirsty. A certain amount of ebullience still remained to the young woman, even with the trauma of her change and even her new form. The trove of lore and knowledge now at her disposal was something unimaginable a year before, and she retains a type of gallows humor about her rebirth into a Harbinger of Skulls, favoring goth trappings and a perhaps too modern sense of humor.

Susan's conversion to the Path of Death and the Soul through a brutal effort on the part of her Sire, and the effects of the intense trauma over a comparatively short period of time has left it's mark. The process broke something inside her, as with her sire not only pushing her into a very present study of death and dying, but used those close to her as teaching examples, forcing emotional detachment from the experiences in front of her. Among those sacrificed for learning were her brother, and then picked up when they went looking for her, Susan's long term romantic partner whom she'd been living with previously. She's young to be on a path, and young still on the path, something that she struggles with along with the experiences that brought her to it. She manifests something of a mania when given an opportunity to learn something new, to examine and dissect a new area of knowledge or experience. At other times her emotional range is stunted to a bounded range, emotions that would push against that cause her to shut off emotionally.


  • Susan is actually a Giovanni spy who has some sort of leverage over her "sire". Be careful, and never let your guard down.
  • Susan is far, far older than she lets on.
  • Susan has personally met an actual demon.


  • “She knows a lot about ghosts.” - Goddarah
  • "Susan is a cheerful reminder that anyone, even one without a face, can be a friend. Yes, she'd probably watch me die with fascination. And yes, she may ask me if I'd like to visit the Shadowlands for fun. But what's a friend if not to convince you to break out of your box and try something new? Like, dying?" -Valerie Evans
  • "That Chica makes Wednesday Adams look like fucking Malibu Barbie. Creepy as fuck, and yet chipper. Shit ain't right." -TJ
  • "Harbingers. Funnest fucks Ah know. Ghosties is fun ta mess with, if ya know whatcha doin, an' she do." - Billy Bob
  • "I know jackshit about this sister, but I will promise you before the Dark Father, she earned a major bit of respect from me. So if she is in a spot of trouble I will absolutely come to help." - Gabriel Thompson


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Character Inspirations

  • Abby, NCIS

OOC Information

Player: Tegan M

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Storyteller: Craig B

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Location: MA-005-D