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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

Name: Svetlana Czernin

Notable Traits: Svetlana is an Elder, considered an Old Dog by the Anarch Movement. She is cultured with a proclivity for decorum, sophistication, and tact. She is accustomed to luxury and refinement, favoring the expensive and the exotic. She is confidence and etiquette balanced with cunning and debauchery. She is known to favor the dangerous and the risky, hedging her bets on the dark horse, though she does not see it as such. She is not accustomed to physical labor; that does not mean she will not hustle or worse to achieve her goals. She is ruthlessly efficient.

Society: The Anarch Movement

Clan: Ventrue

Lineage: House Nova
Childe of Svein Magnussen of Tønder
Childe of Ansgär Svendsen
Childe of Marcella of Naples
Childe of Mithras



Mortal Biography (as it is written)
"Legend said that the second king had a conflict with a Bohemian nobleman. The king was so angry he sent professional swordsmen into the nobleman's castle. The swordsmen murdered the nobleman's entire family save an infant boy whose nurse hid him in a kitchen kettle. When the swordsmen withdrew, villagers found the child in the kettle and saw his survival as a miracle. The villagers named the infant Czernin (Czech: the black), because the kettle soot blackened his face. The king was so impressed by the people's loyalty he pardoned the infant. Later, the third king awarded him Chudenice as Freiherr dubbed von und zu Chudenitz..." (History of the Family Czernin, p. 19).
"Svetlana was the youngest daughter of Czernin of Chudenice and Adelheid of Holstein. According to monastic records, Adelheid took anchoress at Plzeň between January and February 1201. Tutors, etiquette masters, and nursemaids must have fashioned the young noblewoman into the height of Bohemian courtliness. Elef, forth Freiherr of Chudenice, considered Svetlana a prize to bestow along the tournament circuit of Bohemia between 1218 and 1224. In a letter to his twin brother Esir, fifth Freiherr of Chudenice, Elef remarked, "Zářila jako stříbro u těchto žen bledé slámy. Každý rytíř má na ni oči a soupeří o svůj žeton." The Grand Royal Bohemian Tourney hosted by the king in Prague was history's last written record of Svetlana of Chudenice... Elef was wounded by a French chevalier and did not survive the opening event. A single signature in a record keep's log noting the payment of a pound of silver for the acquisition of her brother's horse was all she wrote" (History of the Family Czernin, p. 139).

Vampiric Biography (as it is known)
Eastern Europe [1224-1620]

Prague, Czech Republic [1224]: Svetlana was embraced into House Ribe.
Tønder, Denmark [1225-1275]: Svetlana resided in the estate of Svein Magnussen of Tønder.
Ribe, Denmark [1275]: Svetlana passed Agoge and was presented to the greater kindred society.
Prague, Czech Republic [1275-1346]: Svetlana gained influence over the largest trading hub in the Kingdom of Bohemia.
Chudenice, Czech Republic [1346-1351]: Svetlana isolated her familial home during the mortal inquisition.
Prague, Czech Republic [1351-1419]: Svetlana resided in Prague.
Plzeň, Czech Republic [1419-1434]: Hussite Wars - Svetlana assisted the city’s defenses during the three unsuccessful sieges by Prokop the Great. The Hussites surrendered to the King of Bohemia.
Prague, Czech Republic [1434-1493]: Svetlana supported the revolutionaries during the Anarch Revolt.
Ribe, Denmark [1493]: Svetlana joined the Camarilla.
Eastern Europe [1494-1576]: Svetlana traveled across Eastern Europe.
Prague, Czech Republic [1527]: Svetlana embraced Pieter Solodovnikov.
Ribe, Denmark [1577]: Svetlana released Pieter Solodovnikov from Agoge and introduced him to the greater kindred society.
Prague, Czech Republic [1577-1621]: Svetlana resided in Prague.

Ottoman Empire [1620-1767]

Prague, Czech Republic to Istanbul, Turkey [1620-1622]: Svetlana caravanned to Constantinople with Ambassador Mehmed Aga’s entourage at the end of the Bohemian Revolt.
Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean Europe [1622-1767]: Svetlana traveled through the western territories of the Ottoman Empire with Kha ibn Hafaz Al-Basir, an Elder of the Brujah Clan.

Dutch West India Company Colonies [1769-1960]

Oranjestad, Aruba [1769-1945]: Svetlana resided in the Dutch colonies.
Oranjestad, Aruba [1895]: Svetlana embraced Magnus Windhaven.
Willemstad, Curaçao [1945]: Svetlana released Magnus Windhaven from Agoge and introduced him to the greater kindred society.
Willemstad, Curaçao [1945-1960]: Svetlana resided in the estate of Ansgär Svendsen.

North America [1960-current]

Atlantic Ocean [1960-2012]: Svetlana navigated the waterways along the Central American coast, the Gulf of Mexico, around the Florida peninsula, to Savannah, Ga.
Savannah, Ga [2012-current]: Svetlana moved to Savannah at the end of the Discourteous Courtesies of Prince Wenlock of Clan Malkavian.
Savannah, Ga [2016]: Svetlana left the Camarilla and joined the Anarch Movement.
Savannah, Ga [2018]: Svetlana is Elected Baron of the Savannah Anarch Movement.

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society


(Rumors, Lies, Truths, Whispers? - Feel Free to Add)

  • Svetlana is a Patroness to younger members of the Anarch Movement.
  • Svetlana is the right hand of Ansgär Svendsen and House Nova heir apparent.
  • Svetlana has quiet the formidable investment portfolio.
  • Svetlana frequents the Cirque du Sang.
  • Plagued by nightmares, Adelheid of Holstein attempted to drown Svetlana in infancy.
  • Svetlana believes violent waters are a sign of sorcery.
  • Svetlana profited from the death of a nobleman in Copenhagen.
  • Svetlana profited greatly from the Anarch Revolt.
  • Svetlana joined the Camarilla under a debt of prestation or a pledge of fealty or both.
  • Svetlana was an Anarch sympathizer throughout her time in the Tower.
  • Svetlana was a Sabbat sympathizer throughout her time in the Tower.
  • Svetlana was an Anarch spy infiltrating the Tower.
  • Svetlana funded the Nosferatu take over of Prague returning a slight of the former Prince.
  • A Toreador once snubbed her. Svetlana added art galleries to her portfolio.
  • Svetlana's portfolio includes all that glitteres and gold.
  • Svetlana embraced Pieter Solodovnikov to protect her from her more martial minded enemies.
  • Svetlana hired Pieter Solodovnikov as her body guard. He is actually a Brujah hiding within her Lineage.
  • Svetlana so charmed Mehmed Aga, Ambassador to the Ottoman Sultan, his caravan traveled months off route from Prague to Constantinople just to enjoy her company a bit longer.
  • During her travels in the Ottoman Empire, Svetlana met a Roman - the one that got away. Her love for him persists to this night, though it is a dangerous and forbidden love.
  • 'Tis hard to say in which she excels most, business or pleasure, for she hath conquered all.
  • Svetlana prefers her men tall, dark, and handsome. She prefers her women out of the way.
  • Svetlana relocated to Aruba under the edict of Ansgär Svendsen.
  • Valeera Aydemir and Serghei Costin traveled in Svetlana's retinue throughout her time in the Dutch West India Company colonies.
  • She has never given another kindred Final Death. Svetlana pays others to do that for her.
  • Svetlana hired a Lasombra assassin to destroy a wayward childer.
  • During her travels in the Ottoman, Svetlana was given a cache of books.

It has been whispered that these tomes contain knowledge both frightening and forbidden. But not whispered too loudly...

  • Svetlana oversaw the Accounting of each Neonate in House Nova.
  • The ousting of Hardestadt the Younger infuriated Svetlana more than it should. The death of Hardestadt the Younger satisfied her more than it should.
  • Svetlana left the Camarilla under a debt of prestation or a pledge of fealty or both.
  • Svetlana is a Camarilla sympathizer.
  • Svetlana is a Camarilla spy infiltrating the Anarch Movement.
  • Svetlana subscribes to the Revisionist Anarch ideological camp.
  • Svetlana subscribes to the Constructionist Anarch ideological camp.
  • Svetlana has privately funded at least one Liberty Guard raid.
  • Svetlana is the right hand of Richard Stockton and a leader of the Liberty Guard.
  • Svetlana was once rumored to be an infernalist. Soon after, the individual who started the rumor vanished from society. They have not been seen again,
  • Svetlana places large bets during events held by the Cirque du Sang.
  • Svetlana is rolling in the G's... Money not gangsters, apparently.
  • Svetlana has hosted for centuries. If theres one thing she knows, it is how to throw a party.
  • Svetlana has commissioned a contract for the ashes of Richard Stockton.

Commonly Known Associates amongst Kindred Society

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