Svetlana Volkov

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General Information


Name: Svetlana Regina Volkov
Maiden Name: Vassos
Auspice: Kinfolk
Tribe: Silver Fang
House: Wise Heart
Lineage: Clan Zorja

Notable Traits:

  • Heroic Lineage (Silver Fang)
  • Always armed
  • Can't sit still


Svetlana is very hard headed and protective of her family. She is fearless which is both a benefit as well as a curse. She often acts more like a garou than a kinfolk and often on impulse and instinct. She is very good with a handgun and uses it as both intimidation and protection.


Svetlana was born in 1993 as the eldest twin. She grew up in a good home. At the age of nine, she traveled with her two siblings and was attacked on the trip. She woke up severely injured unaware of what occurred. At the age of 14, she entered Moscow University only to drop out two years later. She started working at a barista and bakery in order to support herself. It was shortly after this that she met Misha and a few months later moved in with him. The two fell in love and Misha waited until her 18th birthday to propose. They were wed and two years later on Dec. 24th, Misha was killed leaving Svetlana widowed and almost three months pregnant with their first child. Due to the trauma, she ended up miscarrying the child, sending her into a deep depression. She would then, a year later, go to the academy to get a job in law enforcement. Upon graduating in late 2015, she moved to Puerto Rico to be with her sister and joined the police force there. She ends up getting shot on the job in mid 2016 and a in late 2016 was transferred to SWAT.



  • "Despite how different our lives have been, Yana will always have a piece of my soul." - Kassandra Vassos
  • "She used to be such a sweet girl, but life has a way of testing us all. Luckily her courage raises to every challenge." - Elizaveta Igorivich
  • "Add your own." - Name


  • Svetlana does not have the ability to back down from a challenge.
  • Svetlana cannot handle the fact that her sister changed and she hasn't.
  • Svetlana has a great deal of penile envy.
  • Svetlana will pistol whip anyone who isn't family and calls her Yana.
  • Svetlana took on a Garou head on and made him run with his tail between his legs.
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