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<=== Commonly Known Information =======

Name: “Sweeney” Dubh

Notable Traits: Sweeney is obviously on a path other than humanity.

Sect: Independent Alliance

Clan: Follower of Set

Generation: 9th

Cult: House of the Eclipse

=== Biography === Sweeney was embraced in Ireland during An Gorta Mor, the Great Starving. A dying priest had ‘ordained’ Sweeney, so he took to wearing a colarino as he visited those who were at the point of death from starvation. Sweeney had no food to offer the dying, but he did give them plenty of milk of the poppy to ease their pain and help their transition into death. He’d perform the Catholic last rites as best he could, then dance and yowl, alone, deep into the night in order to keep the Cait Sidhe from taking their souls. A man in priests garb caterwauling outside a house of the dead amused Sweeney's sire who after a couple weeks of watching and occasionally speaking to the Sweeney, chose to embrace him. Undeath has persuaded Sweeney that colarinos were quite unfashionable. Sweeney came in the hold of a ship with his sire to the shores of New York in 1874. By night, he compounded medicines as well as tinctures of opium and cocaine to help the Irish dock workers and their immigrant families get over cholera and the Yellow Fever which were rampant at the time. Once healthy he arranged these groups into gangs to protect themselves. Then set about using these tinctures in consignment to Irish runners at fifty-fifty to finance a takeover of the brothels. When he, himself went, he often visited violence upon the men who had subjugated the plyers of the world’s oldest trade and set the women to organize themselves, work for themselves, and hire bodyguards at a reasonable wage rather than be indentured to them.

 During the early 1900’s Sweeney was called on by the Elder Don Pisanob to come to San Antonio and to visit upon the city the same things he had done in New York. Sweeney descended swiftly, and immediately cornered the markets in cannabis hemp, opiates, and coca leaves then worked with city officials to have the substances regulated. Himself excluded. 

The money from these operations were immediately funneled into liberating the women of the San Antonio Sporting District from their Sabbat masters and turning them into their own entrepreneurs. Having had an eye on a Giovanni ghoul named Carino who was a master at running games of chance and lotteries, Sweeney wafted rumors to the ghoul about a budding opportunity for control of gambling in the district. When Carino made the sporting district his own (and began ousting anyone who messed with gambling or the girls) Sweeney kept loose control over the red light aspects of the district, but largely turned his attention to other matters. In modern times, Sweeney continues plying his trade. He compounds, distributes, and finds transport for medicines and intoxicating substances. He curses Big Pharma and the corruption of the US government by the monies as part of the plan of the Aeons and works diligently to upset those machinations. He often provides patented medicinal drugs he’s compounded without a permit as well as flooding the underground markets and the dark net with all things medicinal and recreational. He is known declare pogrom and to hunt down human traffickers and deal with them remorselessly, decrying them as the underbelly of the Aeons and freeing their human cargo.

Sweeney was in San Antonio during the Purge of 2002 and was assisted by the Nosferatu, Eli Zook, in escaping the carnage. To Sweeney, the hunters who left only a fraction of San Antonio Kindred alive were merely a new face of the Aeons to be dismantled and buried at the crossroads.

=== Rumors ===

* Sweeney is probably one of the best hackers you’ll ever meet.

* Sweeney invented pasties.

* Sweeney’s name in Gaelic means ‘The Pleasant Darkness’

* Sweeney makes a mean blueberry cobbler

* Sweeney owes Channon a boon

* Sweeny has written several well-known apps for the iPhone and Android under pseudonyms.

* Sweeney started the whole ‘Man from Nantucket’ thing.

* Sweeney likes to box, but is terrible at it.

* Sweeney hates cats.

=== Soundtrack ===

=== Quotes === <span style="color: #8E44AD; "Sweeney's a Legit Snake. Rare breed these nights. I ain't a fan of what he peddles, regardless o his philosophical rationalizations of it. Still, his business is his business, and I respect a businessman. IF he keeps his word he gave me, which a Legit Snake may.. or may not... there's potential for 'im" - Liam Dunsirn , Hatchet of San Antonio

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=== OOC Information ===

Player: Clay Cross

Player Email: LeElohm@gmail.com

Storyteller: Matt Fricker

Storyteller Email: mesdcsanantonio@gmail.com

Location: San Antonio, Tx