Swift Cataclysm

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Swift Cataclysm

General Information

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Name: Samira Urbi
Deed Name: Swift Cataclysm
Remembrance: Sabagesi
Rank: Fostern
Tribe: Silent Strider
Faction: Independent
Pack: Coriolis Effect under Trade Winds
Lineage: Clan Zorja

Notable Traits:

  • Heroic Lineage (Silver Fang)

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"Sam's attitude is both the best and the worst thing about her. I often can't decide if I want to correct her or emulate her." - Tenebrous Harmony

"I adore my packmate. She can drive me up the wall at times, but I will stand before her no matter what." - Stands with Dignity

"Samira keeps me on my toes, she inspires, she exasperates, she makes me happy to know her. We make a very good team." - Zeina Sabry

"She is a vision of rage and fury when set to duty. I can only imagine that carries into things outside the battleground in some fashion." - Maddie

"Swift Cataclysm is aptly-named. When she sets a foe in her sights it is all that her packmates can do to keep up with her fury. Over the years I have watched that anger honed sharper and sharper, with less of it facing inward and more of it wielded precisely. In the years to come, I am certain that the razor edge she's forging will see her known as one of the most deadly hunters of the Apocalypse." - Ambrose Silverheart

"Samira is quiet, studious, and a bit of a nerd. No...really, she is. Don't tell her that I said that though. She's highly intelligent but remains so silent many miss that fact. It makes her underestimated. I wonder if she's possessed of Shadow Lord blood in addition to the Silver Fang flowing through her?" - Troyan Laskaris

"One of the nicest people I've met, I look forward to seeing her again, not to mention visiting both the desert and Japan with her. It was a joy to speak with her, must ensure I do so more often." - Wyrmbaiter

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