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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Swims-The-Shallows

Notable Traits: Umbral Mercenary from the depths of the sea!


“Swims” is a spiritual explorer always seeking new umbral realms to swim through for the sake of gathering knowledge and power, or to cleanse and shelter what remains of his people and their sacred grottos from impending extension.

Born to a Sixgill litter in the waters off the Alaskan Coast, Swims-The-Shallows took his long swim all the way to Malpelo island, then back up to the Aleutian Trench. As a deepwater breed of shark, Swims obtained his name soon after his First Change by demonstrating a consistent tendency to skim the UnSea, observing the humans and their ships, and more importantly, the additional varieties of spirits and variations in Umbral realms spawned by their activities and creations.

Gifted with a strong affinity for navigating the Umbra, Swims was quickly put to use as a navigator and scout for the slew, trained in the mystic rites by ancient Leviathans and set to roam up and down the Pacific Coastline, defending its grottos and cleansing the blights left by the spread of man.

After the destruction wrought by the Umbral Storm and the plague of stillborn Rokea, Swims began to venture more and more to the UnSea, guided by the example of those that had allied with the Red Talons to begin to reach out to the Septs of the Puget Sound area, seeking similar aid in protecting the waters and securing methods for his people to once more grow and breed, even if it meant doing so outside of Gaia’s waters.

Very new to the surface world, Swims-The-Shallows can be greatly oblivious to the nuances of modern, UnSea society and tends to consider it irrelevant and dull compared to the more fascinating realms of the Umbra. He can be reckless in exploring too deeply into the Spirit Realms, always certain that pressing further will provide greater rewards. While aware that human influence can advance causes of interest to his people, such as protection from over-fishing and waste dumping, he is currently inclined to trade his umbral services to UnSea Garou and Fera for such favors rather than learning how to interact with the human world himself.


May have been involved in the destruction of the underwater probe “Nereus” in 2014 within the Kermadec Trench as part of his challenge for the Fostern rank. Crashes into invisible buildings Seems to lurk near electronic music clubs for unknown reason.


  • "I find great irony in the fact that my life has depended on him pulling me out of danger in the umbra. He's also direct and that's actually pretty refreshing. " - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Passionate and proactive. It's admirable, if not a bit creepy to watch." - Collyn Laskaris
  • "Finally, someone brought a fetish for me to verify. He did a wonderful job." Priscilla Lamnidae

OOC Information

Player: Jeff Stoker - US2007111405

Player Email: Blackagar@gmail.com

Storyteller: Peg Brewer

Storyteller Email: Seattle.garou.vst@gmail.com

Location: Seattle, WA