Swims The Black River

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== Character Information ==

Name: Iskra Vasiliev

Deed Name: Swims The Black River

Tribe: Silver Fang

Auspice: Ahroun

Breed: Metis

Rank: Fostern

== Lineage ==

House: River doesn't claim one, but Cresent Moon claims her.

Mother: Tatyana Volkov (NPC)- Galliard of House Wise Heart
-Turned BSD after Iskra was born - Name: Sings-The-Black-Song

Father: Zakhar Vasiliev (NPC) of House Crescent Moon

== Where She Calls Home ==

Sept: Sept of Victor's Stand


== Pack ==



== History ==

  • Born August of 1982
  • Her mother left her with kinfolk in a remote mountain region of Russia
  • 1990: Iskra had her "first change" and terrified the kinfolk. Her mother came back and took her away.
  • 1990 - 1998: Iskra's mother kept her isolated from other Garou. She was not told all of the truth, and learns about the Wyrm and their language from her mother.
  • November 1998: Tatyana's pack found them and attacked. Tatyana perished, but Iskra killed two before the pack fled. Iskra renamed herself Swims The Black River. She leaves her home and searches out other Garou.
  • January 1999: Finds a mixed group of Garou & kinfolk under attack from Wyrm minions and jumps in to help, taking a Wyrm Klaive to the gut before dispatching the enemy. Her wound is grave but the survivors take her to a safe place to heal her.

== Appearance ==

Homid: River stands at 6' in height, solid build from training as a warrioer for Gaia for many years. She looks absolutely normal except for the antlers on the top of her head, that stand about 3 inches high. She usually wears jeans and a hoodie in public to hide them. She dyes her hair purple to camoflage them and look like a "weird chick" if ever the hoodie is down. At moots, she dresses as the warrior she is: black leather tunic with silver scale mail shoulder pauldrons, scale mail belt and her fetish.

Crinos/Lupus: Pure white with small antlers on the top of her skull.

  • Small antlers on her head
  • Scar on her stomach seen when in Crinos

== Associates ==

== Rumors ==

== Quotes ==

= The Fallen ==

== Music ==

[Imagine Dragons: Believer]
[Red Moon: Heavyweight]
[Run The Jewels: Thursday In The Danger Room]
[Skylar Grey: Straight Shooter]

== Inspiration ==

== OOC Information ==

Player: Cassy Hunkins
MES #: US2005033126
Domain: Shrine of the Crimson Star, Co-012-D, Pueblo, Co
ST: Forrest Holt