Syd Dimiya

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Theurge Symbol

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Syd Damiya

Notable Traits:
3rd Rank Marking on the Face

Pack: None



  • Summer of 2017 : Hatching.
  • Winter of 2017 : Underwent first change by eating as much spider as possible in the vicinity.
  • January 2018 : Started to work for the Queen, overshadowing the city of Montreal and pulling the string he could pull to make sure that the actions in the city were positive to the balance of the world.
  • March 2018 : Infiltrated a company of Pentex to make sure that a desire to unionize start in the place.
  • June 2018: Riot induced by the unionization debut, making sure that the place was under pressure during the current crunch period. (Earned Rank 2)
  • July to November 2018: Grooming influence in the city to make sure he gets a hold of the place. He’s placing the right person at the right place, coming to arms at one point with kindreds in the city. He ends up striking a deal in regards to territory by posing as one of them.
  • December 2018 to March 2019 : Worked on a project to protect his herd making sure that they never have to feed on Pentex provided food, making sure he’s not poisoned by them.
  • April 2019 to September 2019 : Pull string between its very own influence to make sure that they start to destroy important part of the city that help hold the power structure of Pentex sacrificing some of them in these action. (Earned Rank 3)
  • October 2019: Present himself to the Underground Sept of “Montreal”, help them solve some “issues”.

Allies, Friends, Acquaintances
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OOC Information

Player: Michael Savard

Player Email: Player Email

Storyteller: Chris Herman

Storyteller Email: VST Email

Location: Montreal, QC