Sydney Variolus

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Known History

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Homid Name: Sydney Variolus
Deed Name(s): 5P1NN3R

Physical Descriptions


Basic Timeline

  • 1982- Sydney Variolus was born at Mount Auburn Hospital in November of 1982.
  • 1997- She underwent the first change in 1997 after almost being run over by a car.
  • 2001-Graduated from Highschool
  • 2004- Undergrad from MIT
  • 2006- Finished Masters in Electrical Engineering
  • 2010- Finished Doctorate in Electrical Engineering
  • 2011- Starting working a full professor in the CSAIL department
  • 2013- She spoke for uniting the Fera and Garou during the 2013 North East Peace Talks.
  • 2014- She helped to form the new caern for Sept of the Eastern Wind in 2014 when it was formed.
  • 2014- Sydney helped gathered intel for The Battle of Siamese Ponds but did not fight in the battle herself.
  • 2015- She joins the Sept of the Eastern Wind after the Council of Tribes announced Fera were allowed to join any Sept that would have them.


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Out of Character

Player: Dori S.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Laura D

Storyteller Email:

Location: Boston, MA

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